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Ilse Jurrien
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Qstarz GPS receiver review

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Thursday, May 14th 2009 - 13:00 CEST - Comments: 0
G PS (Global Positioning System) has become fully integrated into our society in the past few years. It presents many possibilities for the average person. It's hard to imagine life without a car navigation system. And in the meantime, going for a walk with a GPS device has also become very normal. There are various advanced GPS devices available for this, as well as the so-called 'travel recorders'. The Qstarz BT-1000X travel recorder is this kind of GPS receiver.

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GPS receiver review


On my way with the Qstarz GPS receiver

Before you hit the road you should check to see if the correct time is displayed on your digital camera. Mind you, this goes for every travel recorder. The BT-1000X is not only able to store GPS data of JPEG pictures but also.AVI format files as well. And this is rarely found on a travel recorder; width, length and height grades are logged. I finally take off with my digital camera around my neck and the Qstarz BT-100X attached to my pants.


GPS receiver test 


Qstarz GPS receiver test - Protective pouch

The Qstarz BT-1000X remained attached to my pants in its protective pouch, the whole time I was walking. It didn't get in the way, not even for a moment, and the blinking orange LED light was quite visibly through the transparent plastic front. Its blinking was continuous and constant, which was certainly reassuring. Without a monitor that clearly shows whether there is enough GPS signal, it's always a bit of a gamble.


Travel recorder review 


Qstarz travel recorder review

The Qstarz BT-1000X travel recorder is a Bluetooth GPS receiver for travel logging and photo GeoTagging. The question is, with its rather high price tag of 120 Euros, does this GPS device offer sufficient extra value compared to its rivals, like Gisteq and ATP? Either way, the design of the Qstarz BT-1000X travel recorder is in its favor, and everything else about this device can be read in the following GPS receiver review.

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