T-Mobile G1 review

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Ilse Jurrien
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T-Mobile G1 review

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Wednesday, April 22nd 2009 - 10:40 CEST - Comments: 0
D uring the first few years of mobile telephony, the call function was the most important one. As time went on, emphasis was put on the availability of people. And not much later, it was the durability of the mobile phone that became the most important factor. At the beginning of the 21st century, a new trend set in; SMS text messages. The latest trend is back to functionality; you phone as a small pocket computer with all the functions for corporate as well as private use. T-Mobile is hoping to bring innovation on a bigger plan with the G1 Android mobile phone.

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T-Mobile G1 review


T-Mobile G1 review - Smartphone operation

The operation of the Google G1 is amazing. In addition to the touchscreen, a full 5 row QWERTY keyboard is available. This keyboard appears when sliding the screen upwards. All text insertion is carried out through the QWERTY keyboard, offering simple and fast typing. However, there is also a vast disadvantage to this, method, due to the fact the G1 does not support an on-screen keyboard, but a dialerto insert phone numbers. This means you have to insert data in the QWERTY keyboard all the time. If you're working in vertical mode, you have to rotate the Android phone to type, which is rather elaborate. The G1 not only features a touchscreen and the keyboard, but also another operating tool, namely; a scroll ball. Your thumb can easily operate the scroll ball and you have quick access to nearly everything.


T-Mobile G1 test


T-Mobile G1 test - Google Android software

We have talked about the appearance, the menu and the operation of the G1. Now, we have come to what this device is all about; the Android software. The entire interface works seamlessly and fast. You really feel that the device understands what you are trying to do, and that is just great! Since the phone is equipped with 3G, you have a fast internet connection at your disposal (nearly) everywhere you go. And with the T-Mobile G1 you really do have Internet at your disposal. You can surf the Net as if you are at home or in the office and although on a smaller monitor, it does not decrease the users ease. The fact you can download (free and for a fee) all types of applications via the Android Market makes the G1 a unique cell phone. It's designed to your wishes and needs. One of the smartest applications I find 'Gmail', an email program that is almost identical to the online version, very extensive and easy to use.


T-Mobile G1 Android review


T-Mobile G1 Android review

Google software is something that has been eagerly anticipated by many. For the first time in the history of mobile telephony, the operating system has become more important than the actual handset itself. T-Mobile's G1 is the first mobile phone that includes Google Android. However; is it possible to launch a phone successfully solely for its specifications and make a trend of it? Our findings can be read in the following T-Mobile G1 Android review.

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