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Casper van der Kaaij
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LG KF750 Secret review

content type Review Mail the editor Posted by Casper van der Kaaij
Thursday, April 9th 2009 - 23:47 CEST - Comments: 0
C ompared to large brands in the mobile phone market, such as Nokia and Samsung, LG certainly has some catching up to do when it comes to the worldwide market share. However, there does seem to be some growth. The mobile phones by LG are gradually becoming more popular and the consumer seems to have increasing faith in LG. Design and functionality are LG's keywords. LG differentiates itself by always applying its own operating system on mobile phones; and never Windows Mobile or Symbian used by other brands.

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LG Secret review


LG KF750 Secret review - Touch screen mobile phone

In addition to the touch keys at the bottom, the LG Secret hides a secret in the standard monitor. Upon pressing a key a menu will open: 'Media through the touchscreen'. This way, the monitor turns into a touchscreen and a variety of media can be called up, such as music, picture, FM radio, games and documents. This combination makes the LG Secret quite unique indeed. Once the touchscreen is activated, it is easy to operate. The mobile phone has a superb response and the touchscreen is very sturdy which gives a pleasant feel.


LG Secrets reviews


LG KF750 Secret test - 5 Megapixel digital camera

The LG Secret is the most compact slider phone that features a 5.0 Megapixel digital camera. The pictures this camera produces are nice but not particularly special. In badly lit circumstances noise is visible quite quickly. If the flash is used, over-exposure is the case. Although the flash does offer a lot of light, the effective range is quite limited. If you take a picture from a distance more than one meter, the result is hardly to not at all visible. Nor does it add to the quality of the picture. 


LG Secret test


LG Secret review

The LG KF750 Secret is a slim slider phone. The beautiful design is combined with functions like a 5.0 Megapixel digital camera, touch keys, DIVX support and HSDPA. Currently, the LG Secret KF750 is the thinnest 5.0 Megapixel camera phone. Our experience with the new LG handset can be read in the following LG Secret review.

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