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Ayhan Uslu
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Panasonic EVOIA Alkaline batteries

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Tuesday, March 31st 2009 - 23:20 CEST - Comments: 0
P anasonic continues its tradition of innovation with the development of the World’s No.1 long lasting AA alkaline battery. Outperforming competitors on common industry tests, the new Panasonic EVOIA battery has entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s No.1 long lasting AA alkaline battery, and is the first battery to receive the prestigious official Guinness World Record recognition. To demonstrate the endurance of the new batteries, Panasonic challenged a 17cm robot to scale a 530m rope at the Grand Canyon. Powered only by a pair of the AA batteries, Panasonic’s robot climbed the rope in less than seven hours. The new batteries will deliver a longer service life than other alkaline batteries and have a 7 year shelf life.
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Panasonic EVOIA


Panasonic EVOIA batteries

The Panasonic EVOIA line-up is available in four sizes, AA, AAA, C and D, and will deliver excellent performance in a wide range of appliances from low-drain applications such as TV remote controls to high-drain applications like digital cameras. Whilst AA and AAA batteries, which are more commonly used in high drain appliances, will feature the new world record breaking technology, C and D size batteries will use the company's proven existing alkaline technology.

The New Panasonic EVOIA Alkaline Battery

The increased performance of the new Panasonic EVOIA alkaline battery line-up is the result of revolutionary new design features, materials and production methods. The new thin sealing technology, which maximizes the battery's interior volume and allows additional space for more active materials, and the use of highly purified and densely packed manganese dioxide and finely granulated zinc, all improve the performance of the battery. 


Panasonic EVOIA batteries


Safety and Capacity of Panasonic EVOIA batteries

The newly designed gasket is also much stronger than its predecessors, introducing a new nylon resin material, which prevents cracking during long-term storage. Though it is markedly thinner, the new gasket is highly durable, exceeding current norms both in terms of safety and capacity.

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