New LG phones

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Mark Peters
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New LG phones

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Mark Peters
Saturday, February 28th 2009 - 21:10 CET - Comments: 0
N aturally, LG attended the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona. Highlight of the 2009 show was undoubtedly the LG Arena smart phone. This new LG phone stands for everything that LG considers to be a multimedia phone. In addition to communication, digital audio and video should now be experienced at the highest possible level, thanks to the integrated new interactive 3D S-Class UI (User Interface). An impressive thing to strive for, but at the same time, this is exactly what should do it for the LG Arena multimedia handset.
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LG Arena


LG Arena mobile phone
It is a high quality graphic presentation that welcomes the LG Arena owner. The 3D interface displays the functionality of the LG Arena phone in its very own way, almost photorealistic. One of the first things you notice is the quirky cube that rotates with one stroke of your finger on the screen. This makes a side of the cube appear with menus, shortcuts etcetera which can also be set at will.


3D cell phone interface

3D cell phone interface
In addition, the graphical display ensures quicker and simpler access to certain subjects such as pictures and videos. Cell phone contacts are accessible in an alternative way, which should provide the user a different experience. It simply comes down to the fact that LG strives to offer the best possible user's experience. As soon as we receive a full production test sample, we will publish an extensive LG Arena review and, additionally, a high resolution LG Arena picture gallery.


Dolby Handset


LG Arena Dolby handset
Just as important as the high quality interface, is the reproduction of its effects. The LG Arena cell phone sports a monitor with a considerably higher resolution. The new phone functionalities are displayed on a 3 inch monitor with WVGA resolution. The LG Arena phone supports DivX reproduction and combined with Dolby Mobile 2.0 surround sound, the multi media experience should certainly reach a peak. To see all new LG phones visit the LG Mobile overview.


New LG phones


New LG phones

LG Arena
LG Versa

LG GD900

LG KT770

LG GM730

LG GC900

LG KP500
LG KM330
LG GM310 

LG GB250
LG GB220
LG GB130
LG GB110

LG GB106
LG GB102


Mobile photography


Mobile photography with LG camera phones
Those who can't get enough of it, can focus on mobile photography. The LG Arena sports an integrated 5 Megapixel digital camera which allows for fast capture of your favorite moments. We were expecting LG to go for an 8 Megapixel camera module, like the LG GC900 camera phone, but perhaps that would have emphasized digital photography too strongly.


LG phones 

New LG pones displayed at the LG Mobile booth
The presentation in the LG booth in Barcelona was entirely focused on the multimedia LG Arena. This new touchscreen phone was certainly meant to draw all the attention. It's a mobile phone where all the multimedia possibilities are believed to become one. Last year, mobile photography was emphasized, but this year at the 3GSMA, photography did not play an important role and just seemed to be one item of the entire multimedia package.


New LG phones

New LG phones at the Mobile World Congress 2009 Fair in Barcelona, Spain.


LG KT770

LG KT770 slider-phone


LG GM730

LG GM730 touchscreen phone 


LG KP500 smartphone

LG KT500 smartphone


LG GB130

 LG GB130 basic handset


LG GB250

LG GB250 cell phone


LG GB102

LG GB102 budget phone

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