SDXC memory cards

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Mark Peters
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SDXC memory

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Sunday, February 22nd 2009 - 19:15 CET - Comments: 0
A t the 2009 GSMA Mobile World Congress, we spoke to Akihiro Kasahara, Senior Fellow Business Development Office Corporate Research & Development Center of Toshiba, about the new memory card which is expected this year; the SDXC. During the CES show at the beginning of this year, the specifications of the new platform based on Secure Digital (SD) were released. Current SD memory cards have a maximum storage capacity of 2GB, followed by the SDHC cards which start from 4GB up to a maximum capacity of 32GB.
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SDXC memory


Secure Digital eXtended Capacity
The current SDHC memory card generation is divided by FAT32 which provides a maximum storage capacity of 32GB. To surpass this capacity, a different FAT division is required. Recently, the SD Association announced the choice for exFAT, a standardized division that is supported by Windows VISTA and also works with Windows XP, CE and the future Windows 7 operating system.


SDXC cards


SDXC cards - Memory capacity roadmap
64GB SDXC - 64 GB microSDXC
128GB SDXC - 128 GB microSDXC
256GB SDXC - 256 GB microSDXC
512GB SDXC - 512 GB microSDXC
1TB SDXC - 1 TB microSDXC
2TB SDXC - 2 TB microSDXC


SDXC Memory cards


SDCX memory cards
We have yet to see which hardware will be the first on the market supporting this new SDCX format. High Definition camcorders are very likely to be the first, while this type of equipment requires large storage capacities. In addition to expanding the amount of GBs to an impressive maximum of 2TB (Terabyte), speed is equally important. Where a maximum speed of 25MB/sec is reached, it will reach an astonishing 100 to 300MB/sec after the increase of bus speed by 50.



microSDXC memory cards
It's not only the 'large' sized SDHC cards that expect a 'boost'. The microSDHC memory cards will also have their turn. It's incredible that a capacity of 2TB will become reality, for example on a mobile phone. Also other forms will become available, such as secured (and paid for) content in the highest possible quality. It might take a while before hardware and SDXC will be connected, but given the potential of this kind of storage capacity, the upcoming period will be an interesting one!



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