Solar phone charger

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Mark Peters
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Solar phone charger

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Sunday, February 22nd 2009 - 12:45 CET - Comments: 0
I n addition to the wide array of services and various mobile phones, many handy accessories are found on the Mobile World Congress 2009. In one of the smaller halls, we came across a company offering Solio products. Solio was founded on the base of an ecological viewpoint to provide cleaner energy for everybody in a self-destructing, polluted world.
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Solio Solar charger


Solio Solar charger
It's definitely products like mobile phones as well as MP3 players and similar products that are the energy polluters. In fact, they need simply too much energy compared to what the effect is of the use. It has already been proven in practice that the private user often uses his mobile phone just to kill time and to be socially mobile active. 


Solar phone charger


Charge your mobile phone with Solar Energy
Besides that, the company strives to provide clean energy for everybody, by everybody. Products such as the Solar chargers should be available for everyone as well as easy to purchase, no matter where you are born. This is a very noble strive.


Cell phone charger


Solar cell phone charger
Coming back to Solio, we see a hybrid product that is strong enough to provide mobile products such as mobile phones and MP3 players, with the necessary power. The Solio charger is a hybrid charger, while it can get its power from the AC net or from the sun. The Solio charger is able to keep the power inside for a very long time, as much as a maximum of one year.


Phone chargers


Solio Solar phone chargers
Thanks to its possibility to charge through sunlight, the Solio battery charger is perfect in an environment with enough sunshine. A fully loaded Solio Solar charger is able to charge a mobile phone twice. One hour of sunlight equals approximately a 20 minute phone call.


Mobile phone connectors


Mobile phone connectors
There are many Tip-system pieces available to connect directly to various devices, which makes the Solio an almost universal charger. The compact size and the light weight also come in handy and ensure you won't consider this device a burden.

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