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Sunday, January 11th 2009 - 20:20 CET - Comments: 0
D esigned to save and protect life. iCE (in case of emergency) products feature both hardware and software, which can work independently or in combination. Although originally designed to meet the exacting requirements of the US and British military and the emergency services, the utility of the core technology has also generated significant interest from the consumer marketplace and two versions are now planned - a consumer version and a military - emergency services version. The iCE phone is a stunning new micro-notebook phone. It is the Swiss army knife of handsets: it changes shape quickly and easily to be a touch screen phone, micro note-book, a games player, camera and video call handset.
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iCEphone micro notebook phone

As one senior mobile executive remarked - ‘someone has finally figured out how to put a laptop into a mobile phone'. iCEaid is a mobile application that provides emergency first aid advice, based on internationally recognised protocols. This can be at several levels, from someone with no medical training, through first responders to ambulance crews. If this software is used once in a lifetime, it will be worthwhile having it on your phone. There are also accessories designed for specific markets such as the iCEpic (personal information carrier), a USB device designed to carry medical information in a safe secure manner and iCE e-notes, an e-notebook software application for doctors and other healthcare workers.



iCEphone touch screen smartphone and more...

The iCE solutions are designed to assist anyone, anywhere in the world affected by a medical emergency, by reducing the time to receive appropriate treatment - the critical factor in emergency medicine. The iCEphone is due for release early in Q2 09 and the Company is seeking distributors and network partners. The iCEphone micro-notebook is the brand of The Medical Phone Limited, a new ambitious company set up by a few individuals with significant business, medical, military and mobile phone expertise. They have offices in Edinburgh, London and Bangkok.


iCE phone

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