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Ilse Jurrien
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Sony voice and music recorders

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Thursday, January 8th 2009 - 10:15 CET - Comments: 0
S ony Media & Peripherals Europe (MPE) has launched a new range of pocket-sized multi-function digital recorders. Ideal for recording lectures, meetings, presentations and music as well as doubling as portable data storage, these devices combine up to 2GB capacity with the speed and convenience of a direct USB 2.0 connection to PCs and Macs. The Sony ICD-UX71FP and Sony ICD-UX81FR offer 1GB and 2GB storage respectively and both models feature an FM tuner for enjoying and recording radio on the move. The Sony ICD-UX71FP is available in Pink, while the Sony ICD-UX81FR is finished in Red.
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Sony UX71 voice recorder


Sony UX71 and Sony UX81 recorders

The Sony ICD-UX71B/S (Black or Silver) and Sony ICD-UX81B (Black) also offer 1GB and 2GB storage but are purely focussed on recording speech or live music so the FM tuner is omitted. Each pocket-sized unit in the range weighs just 48g and all models offer stereo MP3 recording and support MP3/WMA playback.

Sony voice and music recorder features

"The Sony UX71 and Sony UX81 recorder range is all about convenience," said Louis Leterrier, European Product Manager, Sony Media Peripherals Europe. "You have the tiny size for portability; you have the choice of function, including FM radio, for flexibility -and then there's the very long recording time thanks to the 2GB capacity. Add in the sheer simplicity of cable-free USB connectivity - to both PCs and Macs - plus USB battery charging, and the appeal of this range is very clear."


Sony UX81 voice recorder



Sony music recorders offer USB connection

The USB connection is a key part of what makes these recorders so simple to use. The host computer treats the recorder like a removable flash memory device, instantly recognising the MP3 and WMA file formats it uses, so there's no need for special software or format conversion. Drag and drop file transfer in either direction makes managing content extremely easy, leaving the user free to concentrate on what they want to do, not how they are going to do it.


Microphone sensitivity of the Sony voice recorders

Digital technologies enhance the already high quality of the recording. These range from selectable microphone sensitivity to noise reduction and low frequency filters that help boost clarity and definition. A voice-activated recording mode saves space by halting during silent pauses, but a digital buffering system means that not a syllable is lost on resumption of recording. Digital pitch control allows recordings to be slowed without distortion for easier transcription, or fast-forwarded to the desired section. Distinctive Sony styling and a choice of black or silver finish - not to mention the appealingly compact dimensions - ensure that the Sony UX71 and Sony UX81 recorders look every bit as sophisticated as they are.

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