Nokia N96 reviews

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Casper van der Kaaij
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Nokia N96 review

content type Review Mail the editor Posted by Casper van der Kaaij
Tuesday, November 18th 2008 - 11:00 CET - Comments: 0
I t is becoming more and more difficult for current manufacturers to put a unique mobile phone into the market. Many cell phones are equal when it comes to their functionality, and there are only minor differences between current models and their successors. Unlike a few years ago, when mobile phones were gradually taking on more functionalities of other devices. These new models definitely made a difference at the time. The Nokia N95 brought fame to Nokia, which eventually resulted in the N95 8GB version. For now, we are curious as to what Nokia is offering us with the new N96.

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Nokia N96 review


Nokia N96 multimedia phone review

The Nokia N96 features a beautiful monitor. It is a 2.8 inch QVGA LCD TFT monitor with a maximum of 16 million colors. The monitor is bright and clear. The cell phone features an option to rotate the monitor automatically upon rotating the handset, which is ever so convenient when using the mobile television function. Rotating is not always completely fluent, which is a pity whilst it are these little things that make a phone just that tad less appealing.


Nokia N96 test 


Nokia N96 test - Mobile internet

The default Internet browser inside Symbian software is familiar from previous models and works the same way. The large monitor and the fast HSDPA connection possibility make the N96 perfectly suitable for using the Internet. In addition to the use of the Internet through the network, it is also possible to connect a wireless network via WiFi. If WiFi is activated, the available networks are clearly indicated.


N96 review


Nokia N96 review

The Nokia N96 phone is a long-awaited promising mobile phone of the Nokia brand. The internal memory of 16GB, the 5.0 Megapixel digital camera, FM radio, GPS receiver, HSDPA and of course, the mobile television function, make the Nokia N96 a fully equipped device. Just how well this cell phone functions in daily use can be read in the following Nokia N96 review.

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