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Wim de Lange
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Garmin Colorado 300 review

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Sunday, November 9th 2008 - 18:30 CET - Comments: 0
G armin is treading new ground with the Colorado series. An updated appearance and a more structured amount of buttons. The monitor has gained a higher resolution whilst the Rock 'n Roller makes its appearance. Just as is the case with mobile phones, the handheld can be adjusted to our use via profiles and we can share data wireless. Sporty users can connect a cadans meter. For me, the main change is the introduction of Wherigo, an enhancement that is similar to geocaching yet offers a lot more than just searching for caches.

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Garmin Colorado review


GPS navigation with the Rock 'n Roller

Striking is the Rock 'n Roller, a smart combination of a dial, tilt and press button. The dial lets you scroll through the menus, zoom in and out in the twinkling of an eye, insert texts, set the alarm to the correct time and set the brightness of the backlight. Quite rightly a multifunctional component. At first, scrolling was a bit unhandy, the dial responses so quickly that I had trouble pressing the correct item. After a while, however, I got the hang of it, although I also used the tilt button frequently.


Garmin Colorado test


Garmin Colorado GPS test - Wherigo geocaching application

For the first time ever, this handheld offers a combination of geo caches, their description and the images that go with it. This new application is called: Wherigo. A beautiful enhancement on the already popular geo caching function, however, it goes a few steps further. This possibility alone would be enough reason to purchase the Colorado.


Garmin Colorado 300 review


Garmin Colorado 300 review

The top of the device shows a shrunken antenna. Even though the antenna is smaller dimension-wise; that doesn't necessarily mean its performance has to suffer. In order to measure correctly, the antenna alone is not sufficient, the way the device handles signal errors also plays a big role. I was able to compare three generations of Garmin handhelds on different locations. Got interested in our findings with this extensive GPS device? Read our full Garmin Colorado review.

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