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Mark Peters
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Pantech Breeze

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Thursday, November 6th 2008 - 08:33 CET - Comments: 1
I f you are an experienced mobile phone user, the ins and outs of wireless devices are second nature. For first time mobile phone owners, simplicity and ease-of-use are more important than ever. AT&T and Pantech Wireless announced the Pantech Breeze handset from AT&T. Available in all company owned stores and online beginning May 27, the Pantech Breeze cell phone is an ideal handset for a wide range of users, from novice or first-time mobile phone owners to customers looking to simplify the overall user experience.
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Pantech Breeze


Pantech Breeze budget phone

At its core, the Pantech Breeze is an uncomplicated mobile phone, specifically designed for people needing an easy way to stay in touch with friends, caregivers and loved ones. From its clean and uncluttered design to its simplified menus, oversized display with large keypad and quick-call keys, the Pantech Breeze includes a host of convenient features in a comfortable, modern design.


Universal design handset

The Pantech Breeze budget phone is the direct result of AT&T and Pantech's collaboration to build a cell phone on the principles of Universal Design - the practice of designing products and applications that are usable by the most customers possible. AT&T recently published the company's approach to Universal Design to encourage application developers and handset manufacturers to consider the needs of seniors or customers who have disabilities when creating products and services.


AT&T and Pantech

"Universal Design helps define important design criteria to meet the wants and needs of as many of our customers as possible," said Carlton Hill, vice president of Product Management, Voice Products and Affiliate Marketing for AT&T's wireless operations. "The Pantech Breeze mobile phone is a result of our efforts to meet these criteria and offer a great-looking phone that's a breeze to use for everyone - from tweens to great-grandparents."


Pantech budget phone


Pantech Breeze design features

• 1-2-3 Quick-Call Keys - Three preprogrammable quick-call buttons

• Simplified Menu - Navigating the phone's features is trouble-free

• Large Font - Menu on the Pantech Breeze use a highly visible large font.

• Easy-to-Use Buttons - Clear oversized buttons on the Pantech Breeze

• Keys remain illuminated after use is extended

• Clear and Loud Speakerphone

• Digital Camera - A dedicated hard key for the camera


Pantech cell phone features

In addition to these key design features, the Pantech Breeze is a powerful cell phone. The product is a GSM quad-band world device, able to make voice calls in more than 200 countries and access data and send messages in more than 145. The Pantech Breeze features a talk time of up to three hours and up to 10 hours of standby time. Full messaging, camera and video capabilities, Bluetooth compatibility and tools such as an alarm clock, notepad, calendar and calculator are included.


AT&T budget phone

"The Pantech Breeze is a unique and important target product for us, one that underscores our commitment to all levels of customers," said Patrick Beattie, vice president of Marketing and Sales at Pantech Wireless Inc. "By incorporating AT&T's socially responsible Universal Design model, this product speaks directly to people needing a down-to-earth handset that provides easy access to core features."


Pantech Breeze 


Pantech Breeze price & availability

The Pantech Breeze mobile phone will be available May 27 at select AT&T company owned stores and online at the AT&T website. The Pantech Breeze budget phone is $39.99 after a two-year service agreement and a $30 mail-in rebate or $124.99 after a $30 mail-in rebate for customers who prefer to use AT&T's Pick Your Plan or Pay As You Go Go Phone prepaid plans. For actual price information and full technical specifications follow visit this page.

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