Asus Eee PC test

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Marco den Engelsman
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Asus Eee PC test

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Sunday, July 6th 2008 - 14:45 CEST - Comments: 0
U pon launching the Asus Eee PC, it was clear that the interest in this product was huge. The name Eee stands for three times Easy: Easy to learn, Easy to play and Easy to work. It made the Asus brand name become a house-hold name. This cheap mini laptop of Asus was initially aiming at the developing countries, however, it turned out that the Eee PC caught the attention of a much wider public. The mini laptop comes with various memory capacities and features a solid state drive, which improves the shock proof features of the device tremendously.

• Read our full Asus Eee PC test.
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Asus Eee PC review


Asus Eee PC used as an extra notebook

It became clear from the latest survey conducted by Central Point in June 2008 (among more than 850 respondents) that 81% of notebook users consider the Asus Eee PC as an additional small PC and not as a replacement for their current laptop. Market research office IDC agrees with this. They also consider the mini laptop to be an addition and not a threat to regular laptop sales. Cheap laptops are in the spotlight as a potential solution for the digital gap that plays a role mainly in underdeveloped countries. However, IDC remains convinced that these laptops will also succeed in the already developed PC markets as a mobile second notebook.


Will mini laptops become the new trend?

'A year and a half ago, 17 inch notebooks were ‘hot'. Initially, it seemed the idea of 7 inch notebooks could not by any means make sense, since the consumer simply has no demand for a 7 inch notebook, nor is it a trend, since it is all about larger devices with more possibilities. However, you can either obediently follow the trends or try to go in an entirely different direction. Our CEO talks about two billion of potential PC users. It had to be cheap, simple and solid, as the Asus Eee PC has become', says Milan Radojicic, marketing manager Asus.


Asus Eee PC test


Asus Eee PC test

Main target group for this product were the children. However, Asus soon found out that the group of users is much broader. Especially to those users who want to make a PowerPoint presentation, type some text or read their emails, the Eee is a fine alternative. Want to know more about this compact and attractively priced notebook? Read our Asus Eee PC test.

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