Top 10 cell phones

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Top 10 cell phones for summer travelers

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Tuesday, May 27th 2008 - 19:10 CEST - Comments: 0
W irefly, the online leader in one-stop comparison shopping for cell phones and wireless phone plans, announced the Top Ten hottest cell phones for summer travelers this season. The BlackBerry Curve, Palm Centro and BlackBerry Pearl are among the most popular choices. All three models showcase the features consumers are craving – converged functionality, a selection of attractive colors, and features tailored for enhanced productivity and convenience on the road.
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Top 10 cell phones 

Top 10 cell phones

• BlackBerry Curve 8310 -AT&T
• Palm Centro - Sprint

• LG Vu CU920 - AT&T

• T-Mobile Dash - T-Mobile

• BlackBerry Pearl 8120 - T-Mobile

• Motorola i880 - Nextel

• LG Rumor - Sprint

• Motorola v3m RAZR - Verizon Wireless

• LG Voyager VX10000 - Verizon Wireless

• LG Scoop - Alltel

Wirefly's Summer Top Ten

"The Summer Top Ten cell phone list offers a wide variety of features for the avid traveler," said Brian Westrick, Wirefly's president. "With the surge in gas prices this year and Memorial Day Weekend almost upon us, Wirefly wanted to release a list of the top GPS travel oriented phones to get you there faster and cheaper this summer. In addition, most of the phones on Wirefly's Summer Top Ten also come with many other capabilities including integrated cameras and MP3 music capabilities in several different color options to match anyone's need for individuality and style. And once you arrive at your summer location, many of the phones on the list will also keep you connected to home or the office with email and text capabilities."


GPS cell phones

PS cell phones
A majority of this summer's high-demand cell phones are equipped with GPS technology, and support location-based services. With these phones, users will be able to track their position on a map; get information about nearby restaurants, shops and attractions; and, even receive turn-by-turn directions while on the road. All ten phones also have capable built-in cameras, so they will be prepared to capture any memorable moment.


Cell phone features


Cell phone features

A few of the hottest cell phone models lack GPS, but offer other exciting features that seem designed specifically for travelers. The new LG Vu CU920 is one of only two AT&T phones that currently support AT&T's Mobile TV service, which brings popular television programs directly to the phone; the T-Mobile Dash is an ideal messaging smartphone that will help users organize their trip and stay in touch with life back at home; and the updated BlackBerry Pearl 8120 for T-Mobile offers WiFi support, so they can access the Internet for free from any T-Mobile HotSpot.

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