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Mark Peters
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Apple iPhone unlock service

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Sunday, May 18th 2008 - 13:51 CEST - Comments: 0
i Phone Sim Unlock, one of the first companies to offer quality unlocking services for the Apple iPhone, is offering their services to anyone in need. iPhone Sim Unlock, a new company based out of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), knows the dangers of attempting to unlock an Apple iPhone without proper documentation and software. Everyday Apple iPhone users around the world are rendering their iPhones useless as they attempt to unlock them with one of the many hacks circulating the Internet. Luckily, iPhone Sim Unlock has a solution.
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Apple iPhone warranty


Apple iPhone warranty issue
In September of 2007, Apple officially stated that they would no longer cover Apple iPhones that had been damaged as a result of an unlocking attempt, even those iPhones under special warranties... "Apple strongly discourages users from installing unauthorized unlocking programs on their iPhones," Apple said in a statement. "iPhone users who make unauthorized modifications to the software on their apple cell phone violate their iPhone software license agreement and void their warranty. The permanent inability to use an iPhone due to installing unlocking software is not covered under the iPhone's warranty."


Unlock iPhone


Unlock iPhone in 3 minutes
So what is an iPhone owner to do? Should they risk damaging the iPhone in an attempt to unlock it, which could leave them with no iPhone at all? Or should they simply go on living with a locked cell phone? Fortunately, the people behind iPhone Sim Unlock have an alternative, risk free, option. For just $19.95 EUR ($29 USD), the company offers customers access to an in depth member's area with detailed instructions, which will unlock any iPhone in less than 3 minutes.


iPhone Sim Unlock


Apple iPhone Sim Unlock
Once a customer becomes a member, they will have access to a lifetime of unlimited updates and support. In fact, iPhone Sim Unlock even offers 24/7 technical support, walking members through the unlocking process should they need it. And if a member comes to them with a damaged iPhone, the company also offers repair services.


Apple iPhone unlock service

Unlock iPhone service
"A lot of similar services provide no support and have outdated software, which malfunctions and damages the iPhone," says iPhone Sim Unlock's spokesman, Pascal Smit. "We guarantee that our software will always be 100% functional and we will always be there to provide live support, should you need it." For more information on unlocking iPhones, please visit the company's website.

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