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HTC Touch Diamond preview

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Friday, May 9th 2008 - 12:15 CEST - Comments: 0
T he latest innovation of HTC; the HTC Touch Diamond was introduced during a press conference. This press conference was held in the media plaza at the 'Jaarbeurs' building in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The HTC Diamond is the first device based on Windows Mobile 6.1. There doesn't seem to be a vast difference between Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 though. The main differences are found in the battery's standby time which has been increased with 8% to 20% and the fact that it is possible to operate this mobile phone from a distance. In addition, the HTC Diamond features the new TouchFLO 3D technology. TouchFLO 3D is a farther developed version of the HTC TouchFLO technique which we have come across in the first HTC Touch.
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HTC Touch Diamond


HTC Touch Diamond

We seem to enter a new epoch in the smartphone world with the HTC Touch Diamond. The smartphone is gradually becoming smaller and easier to operate as a result of which an increasing amount of consumers, whether or not making a conscious decision, choose to purchase a smartphone. The dimensions of the HTC Touch Diamond are that small (4 x 2 x 0.44 inches); it makes the HTC Diamond even smaller than the Samsung Soul for example and yet it offers more functions if we don't count the 5 Megapixel camera of the Soul. One hand suffices to operate the majority of the functions. That seems quite logical to me; nevertheless it is not yet the case for many current smartphones. If the smartphone aims at replacing the regular mobile phone, it would be a necessity for who would want to operate his handset with two hands?


Touch Diamond HTC


HTC Diamond touch screen

The HTC Touch Diamond features an HSDPA, HSUPA, GPS, AGPS and a VGA monitor among other things. The VGA touchscreen monitor is touch-sensitive and not heat-sensitive as on most other phone models. The advantage of a touch-sensitive monitor is that touching it with a fingernail or cold finger also suffices to get the buttons into action. A 2.8 VGA touchscreen monitor in itself is not an innovation, however; placing it in such a small housing has never been done before and is a nice technological masterpiece. The monitor's quality is superb; it leaves nothing to be desired; even the small characters on the screen are easy to read and the colours are bright.


HTC Touch FLO 3D

TouchFLO 3D, the new 3D Touch interface of the HTC, facilitates touchscreen navigation to a great extent. As a user you can operate many functions through a 3D motion. For example, at the bottom of the screen a number of icons are displayed; you can switch these around by moving your finger over them. It is also very easy to scroll through your contacts in the phonebook by simply moving your finger up and down which selects the next or previous contact. 


HTC Touch Diamond


Weather forecast on your mobile phone

The HTC Diamond even lets you find out the weather forecast. This functionality is not entirely new; it was already available on the first HTC Touch and has now been farther developed. One of the additions is the possibility of showing the weather in more than one place. And the weather forecast can be displayed for five days. The graphic design of the weather application is terrific; beautiful 3D effects and motion pictures. A very convenient function adding value to this smartphone.


HTC Diamond Touch


HTC Touch Diamond photos and videos

Viewing pictures and videos is a joy thanks to the monitor with VGA resolution. The single-hand operation is extremely pleasant in this area. You can zoom in by drawing a small circle clockwise on the screen. Zooming out is performed by drawing the circle anti-clockwise and tapping on the screen twice zooming out to the maximum is achieved. The high resolution of the monitor is also very convenient when watching movies. The images are lively and don't suffer from jolting. A nice extra is the YouTube application. The YouTube browser is entirely new and is developed by HTC in cooperation with YouTube.


HTC Diamond mobile


HTC Touch Diamond mobile

HTC claim that it is impossible to produce a 'one size fits all' device. Still, HTC seem to have succeeded in this with the Touch Diamond. It is for a reason that the media call the HTC Diamond the 'Apple iPhone killer' straight from its introduction. The business user will certainly enjoy the HTC Touch Diamond and the young and not-so-young consumer will equally get along with the HTC Diamond smartphone. Being the first device to make use of Windows Mobile 6.1, the business user will get a number of functions at his disposal that allow to be managed from a distance. For example files can be deleted. Or you can prohibit employees in possession of a Touch Dual from installing certain software or shooting pictures. Well-known functions such as Pocket Office are also available in Windows Mobile 6.1. Furthermore the HTC Diamond features an Email functionality to enable checking your email while travelling. On the right of the monitor various email accounts can be displayed. On the left a preview of the email is rendered. The email menu lets you scroll through the emails by moving your finger from top to bottom.


htc touch diamond


Mobile Internet

Mobile internet hasn't become a real hype yet. It's the annoyance of having to scroll vertically and horizontally in order to read the text which makes mobile internet somewhat clumsy to use. However; mobile Internet on the HTC Diamond is an entirely new experience. Upon zooming in on a page, the text is adjusted to the monitor. No need for annoyingly scrolling horizontally anymore. If you zoomed in and you want to go back to the full page; just tap twice on the screen to send the Touch Diamond a signal to fully zoom out again. This makes the new TouchFLO 3D technology come in very handy when surfing the Internet.


HTC Touch Diamond


HTC Diamond preview

This is a first impression of HTC's latest device. Regretfully we didn't get to spend much time with the HTC Diamond, however; our first impression is great. The simple and fresh lines give the device its sleek appearance. A strong point is the operation, easy and flawless. Are there no minus points? Of course there are, although we'd have to search well. One minus that is visible straight away on the outside of the smartphone is the lack of a flash for the digital camera. This is something that keeps coming up with previous HTC models too. All in all I believe HTC might have built a bridge between the regular mobile phone and the smartphone with the Touch Diamond. HTC will strengthen her market position with the Touch Diamond. And for all of you eager to purchase this smartphone; it will take only one month before this innovation will be available in the shops! As soon as we receive a test sample of the HTC Touch Diamond we will examine the smartphone thoroughly and come up with a full review.

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