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Ilse Jurrien
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Mobile phone recycling service

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Tuesday, April 15th 2008 - 21:30 CEST - Comments: 0
T he Wireless Source is promoting a new service that offers large corporations and their employees the ability to recycle their wireless devices in a safe and secure manner and get rewarded for the value of those retired units. The service is cost-free and features guaranteed data removal from the retired wireless handsets, while ensuring proper disposal of unusable devices. As mobile phones have increased in popularity, the average life of a mobile phone is now less than 18 months. As organizations and their personnel upgrade their phones, it frequently creates a stockpile of unused handsets sitting idle in closets and desk drawers.
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Mobile phone recycling


Financial payment for recycled mobile phones

Many used mobile phones still have financial value and can be recycled profitably. Businesses can be rewarded directly with a financial payment or a donation can be made to their corporate charity or they can elect to receive carbon offsets for the value of the devices.

Mobile phone recycling service for businesses

"So many of these mobile phones are not properly retired and organizations have growing concerns about privacy and identity theft from data residing on the wireless device," said Bob Sullivan, CEO of the Wireless Source. "Wireless devices used by corporations have the added liability of often having proprietary applications, customer, suppliers and vendor as well as personal information of the handset user. Many corporations want to recycle or donate these retired handsets, but want the peace of mind knowing that all the data will be safely removed before it is retired."

Removing data from a mobile phone

Sullivan further said, "We also provide our clients with tools via the web where they can remove the data themselves or they can simply send the units to us and we'll do it for them. We use the latest electronic tools to remove all data from retired handsets and then provide back a validation to the account outlining each unique serial number and the function performed."

Mobile phone recycling process
It is estimated that there are more than 500 million mobile phones stockpiled in the United Stated alone. Non-usable handsets are properly recycled to minimize any environmental threat.
1. The estimated 500 million retired handsets in the USA weigh the same as a US Navy Aircraft carrier
2. Mobile phones returned to The Wireless Source are refurbished for reuse. Reusable units have any personal data removed and are tested and/or remanufactured for redistribution. Those phones that cannot be reused are sent to an end-of-life mobile phone smelter, where the device is broken down into various components for full recycling.
3. Mobile phones contain numerous substances, which need to be disposed of in a safe and efficient manner.
a. The cadmium is a single battery from an old mobile phone could seriously contaminate 600,000 liters of water, enough to fill a third of an Olympic size swimming pool. Cadmium is being phased out of new batteries, but many other poisonous materials remain.
b. Lead- which affects the immune, endocrine and central nervous system is used to solder components to the printed wiring boards
4. It is estimated that there are over 500 million used and out-of-service mobile phones stockpiled in the US with an estimated 130 million being retired each year.

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