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Mark Peters
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Free GPS application for mobile phones

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Mark Peters
Thursday, March 27th 2008 - 09:30 CET - Comments: 0
W ayfinder, the leading supplier of innovative location and navigation services for mobile phones, announced that it is introducing its Wayfinder Active application in the United States and Canada. Wayfinder Active is a free GPS application for mobile phones with a unique combination of maps, GPS recording and statistics that is designed for people who enjoy running, hiking, skiing, biking or other outdoor activities.
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Free GPS application


Mobile phone GPS application

Wayfinder Active is a simple, fun, safe and social way to stay connected to others with similar outdoor interests. Once the application is installed on a mobile phone, each user will have access to a world wide map and the ability to record and share routes with a single keystroke. Users can follow in the footsteps of friends' adventures and training routes by importing routes and tracks directly from and to their mobile phone.


Active Outdoor Online community


Active Outdoor Online community

Wayfinder Active's integrated online community, ActiveOutdoor, takes outdoor activities to the Internet, with an innovative, user-friendly and measurable way of sharing outdoor activities. Each activity is recorded in a standard GPX format, and the route is then uploaded to the Internet. If needed, users can preload a specific route onto the phone's caching memory so they can enjoy their activity without thinking about where they are going. Once a route or training trail is completed, the activity is automatically uploaded to the online community.


Magnus Nilsson 


Magnus Nilsson

"The North American market has big potential, and it is with enthusiasm we introduce Wayfinder Active. It is also of strategic importance to extend our business offering beyond car navigation and integrating services like the interactive community ActiveOutdoor," says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of Wayfinder.



Vierhouten - The Netherlands


Mobile phone navigation

Additional useful features include detailed statistics such as maximum, current and average speed during each activity, plus the distance traveled and calories burned. With a built-in compass and a "Reverse Route" feature, users can easily find a route to anywhere. With the introduction of free Wayfinder Active, Wayfinder also brings the topographic maps of North America to mobile phones, which are available for a fee directly from the device via Wayfinder's mobile shop. Our partner Tele Atlas delivers the overview maps and U.S. Trailmaps topographical ones.


Compatible with most cell phones

The free Wayfinder Active can be downloaded throughout the company's website on a computer or directly from the phone. In addition to being available directly to end-users, the product is also available for service providers to offer directly to their subscribers. Wayfinder Active is compatible with more than 100 phone models from all major handset manufacturers including the most popular devices from Sony Ericsson and Nokia. In addition to being available directly to end-users, the Wayfinder Active product is also available for service providers to offer directly to their subscribers.

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