HP iPAQ 514 review

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Mark Peters
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HP iPAQ 514 voice messenger review

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Monday, March 17th 2008 - 22:00 CET - Comments: 0
H P has been around in the smartphone world for a few years now. Some years ago Compaq was taken over by HP. Since then the name iPAQ is being used for mobile phones of Hewlett Packard. Mid 2007 HP put the iPAQ 514 voice messenger on the market. The HP iPAQ 514 is a straight to the point business device. The consumer looking for a cell phone with a high resolution camera and enhanced multimedia player should forget about the HP 514. The HP iPAQ 514 has been equipped with Windows Mobile 6 and offers many functions that will appeal to the business user. Thanks to its price of around € 200 we can easily call it the cheapest business handset at the moment.

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HP iPAQ 514 Review


HP iPAQ Voice Messenger

Hewlett Packard had to make concessions to be able to offer this price. One of these concessions is the monitor; the HP iPAQ 514 has been equipped with a 2-inch monitor with a resolution of 176x220 pixels and 64,000 colours. If you are not used to a high resolution monitor this small sized one will not bother you. But if you are a frequent visitor of internet pages you'll soon find out that you have to scroll not only vertically but also horizontally through the web pages.


HP iPAQ 514 Test


HP iPAQ 514 Test

Although HP had to compromise with equipping the HP iPAQ 514; we can say that it is a business mobile phone with enhanced functions. The price of the device is just as attractive as its functionalities. Despite its many functions and the attractive price tag, we think some points need improvement. HP would do a great job as to equip the device with 3G for the business man who is always on the road. HP compromised in installing Wi-Fi but since you cannot always use a Wi-Fi connection; 3G would be the solution. Read the full HP iPAQ 514 Voice Messenger review.

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