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Smartphone vs Cell phone

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Monday, March 17th 2008 - 20:30 CET - Comments: 0
C ell phones are offering more functionalities every day. A growing crowd seems to consider calling less important than being able to use email, Internet, digital camera and navigation possibilities. The consumer seems mature enough now for the smartphone, or the multimedia computer as Nokia likes to refer to it, and for a good reason. The Nokia Communicator, the mother of all smartphones has had some transformation during the eleven years of its existence. The device was already years ahead to start with. Still it remained a device tailored to the needs of the business user. Moreover; the first devices were rather heavy as far as weight was concerned and they were not the cheapest ones you could lay your hands on.

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Smartphone as a fashion product

The cell phone has also become a fashion product lately with which you want to show off. Or as Paul Wilkens, Sales & Marketing director of the telecom department of Samsung Electronics Benelux, nicely put it into words during an introduction in London recently: "The consumer that takes his cell phone from his inside pocket and places it next to his cappuccino, is making a statement about himself." This trend has obviously added to the appearance and design of today's smartphones as they look better and more modern nowadays.


New Cell Phone


Smartphone versus Cell phone

We do admit that it can be more convenient to have a light and compact cell phone at your disposal in weekends and during holidays. A cell phone that looks attractive on top of it. The question is: wouldn't you lack the functions missing on that phone, which you do have at your disposal during the week? Even during a holiday it is ideal to read your email quickly and to be able to answer to it. Of course many cell phones offer this functionality too but to actually use it is a lot less comfortable. It also depends on whether you are a user going for design or for a smartphone offering many possibilities. Read the full Smartphone vs Cell phone report.

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