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Mark Peters
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Windows Mobile vs Symbian OS

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Saturday, March 15th 2008 - 23:30 CET - Comments: 0
W hen you are looking for more functionality than the average device offers, you have the choice from a broad range of smartphones and PDAs. Both types of devices not only differ physically but also as far as operation system is concerned. The better you know which functions you are going to use on a frequent base, the easier it is to make your choice. The market for PDAs that won't let you call but only use email and visit the Internet decreased drastically. Most current PDAs are handheld computers that also offer the option to call.

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Windows Mobile


Smartphone or PDA?

Smartphones on the other hand are primary meant for calling but are more and more used for all kinds of business like keeping an electronic agenda, photographing, music and Internet. Nokia's smartphones indicate clearly how much attention Nokia paid to the manner of using the device for calling. PDA calling functions work just a tad more difficult but on the other hand it is easier to manage incoming and outgoing mail. These are the differences between Symbian and Windows Mobile explained in a nutshell. So it is not surprising Nokia as a cell phone manufacturer holds on to Symbian.




Operating systems for mobile phones

The most recent versions of both operating systems show that the differences are becoming less evident and that the disadvantages of both systems are also vanishing. Looking at Nokia's most advanced device, the Nokia E90 Communicator, you can hardly claim that this device is not fully equipped with every function you need for comfortable email and Internet use. Nowadays a lot is changing which is also proved by the choices manufacturers of these devices make. Read the full Windows Mobile vs Symbian OS article.

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