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Mark Peters
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Fastap keypad technology for cell phones

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Mark Peters
Sunday, March 2nd 2008 - 10:30 CET - Comments: 0
D igit Wireless, the innovators of Fastap keypad technology, announced its Fastap technology has been certified under the Chinese text-entry standard GF 3006 - 2001 Standard Scheme of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet Input with Universal Keypad by China’s State Language Commission (SLC). This certification enables mobile devices featuring the Fastap keypad language platform to enter the Chinese mobile market through the world’s device manufacturers and Chinese mobile operators to benefit millions of mobile users throughout China. The Fastap Global Language Platform when implemented for the Chinese market increases the performance and efficiency of the Pinyin input method which is the most commonly used input method on today’s mobile phones.
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Fastap keypad cell phones 


Fastap keypad for Chinese language cell phones

The benefit of the Fastap keypad for the Chinese language is immediately apparent as it can enable mainstream form factor phones to have a dual-layered keypad with a one-to-one key mapping relationship (separate keys for each letters and number). This critical innovation means that when coupled with standard Chinese predictive text software, existing character input ambiguities are completely removed. As a result, significant increases in accuracy, and text input speed are achieved over 12-button keypads for the direct one-touch entry of words and phrases.


Mobile phone users


Chinese mobile phone users

"This Chinese certification we have received will help pave the road for mobile device manufacturers enabling them to launch mobile phones featuring Fastap Keypad Technology," Robert Blumenthal, CEO, Digit Wireless. "Fastap is unique in that it meets the growing text input needs of Chinese mobile phone users for more advanced messaging and 3G services being launched in China such as email, social networking, blogging & instant messaging. This certification, in conjunction with our recent round of funding, further broadens our focus to the world's fastest growing mobile markets, such as China and India, from where the next billion mobile users will emerge."




Fastap Global Language Platform

The Fastap Language Platform also supports the ability to directly enter a mixed text string comprised of Chinese characters, English letters and numbers within the same mode without shifting between language modes. This particular feature will also further satisfy a requirement of another standard presently under revision, GB/T18031 soon to be issued by Chinese Standard Bodies.


Hindi phone


Fastap keypad on emerging market mobile devices

The Fastap Global Language Platform has the potential to be very valuable in high-growth emerging markets, where PCs are scarce and the large majority of new mobile users will come from second or third tier cities and rural areas where mobile communication, information and entertainment need to be in users' native languages. A dual-layer multi-lingual Fastap keypad on emerging market mobile devices can empower users with a simple and intuitive way to interact with each other and the world through messaging and mobile data services.

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