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Ilse Jurrien
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Samsung MBP-100 micro projector

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ilse Jurrien
Monday, February 18th 2008 - 23:45 CET - Comments: 0
A lthough every attention went to the introduction of the large amount of Samsung mobile phones at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, something else attracted my attention; an interesting projection solution that will soon be available (first of all in Korea). The official introduction will still take some time, but we were able to get pre-informed. The Samsung MBP-100 projector will almost certainly be available in Korea in March and in the course of this year there will be a decision made as to whether the Samsung micro-projector will also come available in Europe and / or the United States.
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Samsung MBP-100 micro projector


Samsung MBP-100 micro projector preview
The small black box looks a bit like one of the first MiniDisc players that were kind of popular as successor to the traditional Walkman at the time. The Samsung MBP-100 fits in the palm of your hand and is therefore easy to carry around. In the demo-setting a mobile phone was demonstrated in combination with the Samsung micro projector. You can also connect the Samsung MBP-100 to a DVD player, an MP3 player, video player etc. As long as there is an analogue A/V connection available you can connect the Samsung MBP-100 with almost any device.


Samsung micro projector


Samsung mobile projector for cell phones
The built-in battery has a battery life of approximately 3 hours depending for example on the brightness in which the Samsung MBP-100 is projecting. The micro-projector has not been equipped with an extensive menu and as far as it looks like now, the brightness can only be adjusted manually. This should also be considered as an energy saving function. A small dial is placed on the side of the micro-projector to adjust focus. The minimum focus distance is around 20 cm and the maximum projection size is approximately 1.27 meters.


Samsung MBP100 


Mobile projection solution on the Samsung MBP100 projector
The Lumens of the Samsung micro-projector is approximately 10 ANSI. Naturally it is not comparable to large projectors. However; that doesn't make the Samsung MBP-100 less interesting. Also the expected price of $200-$300 is interesting but not surprising looking at the target group (young consumer, not the business consumer) for this product. I, myself would love to possess a device like this and I surely hope Samsung will bring the MBP-100 to Europe soon.


Micro Projector Samsung

Photo : Samsung Micro Projector at Mobile World Congress

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