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Mark Peters
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Google Android debut

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Thursday, February 14th 2008 - 03:00 CET - Comments: 0
A fter much talk and speculations all over we saw the Android software platform finally made its debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Spain). Texas Instruments' Ramesh Lyer, WW Ecosystem Partner Manager and, Mobile Internet Device Product Strategy Manager Wireless Terminals Business Unit, demonstrated a prototype handset which possible could be the next device based on the Android software platform. Google's Android platform was announced last year's November by the Open Handset Alliance. The platform is based on open-source code and of course Google and the Open Handset Alliance would love to see it becomes the one and only standard operating system for mobile phones.
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Google Android 


Google Android 

The Open Handset Alliance shares a common goal of fostering innovation on mobile devices and giving consumers a far better user experience than much of what is available on today's mobile platforms. By providing developers a new level of openness that enables them to work more collaboratively, Android will accelerate the pace at which new and compelling mobile services are made available to consumers.


Android Google


Android mobile phone platform by Google

Google's Android holds the promise of unprecedented benefits for consumers, developers and manufacturers of mobile services and devices. Handset manufacturers and wireless operators will be free to customize Android in order to bring to market innovative new products faster and at a much lower cost. Developers will have complete access to handset capabilities and tools that will enable them to build more compelling and user-friendly services, bringing the Internet developer model to the mobile space. And consumers worldwide will have access to less expensive mobile devices that feature more compelling services, rich Internet applications and easier-to-use interfaces, ultimately creating a superior mobile experience.


Google Android


Google Android  prototype

The prototype demonstrated by Ramesh Lyer, who by the way made it clear that the prototype is just an example of how a final product could look, featured Internet browser, Calender, Camera, Contacts Gallery, Gmail and Music. Of course the prototype we saw at the Barcelona mobile event will be nothing like the final production phone that will ultimately be used by consumer. According the Ramesh Lyer: "Using the Android software cuts back software development by at least 14 months. The mobile industry is undergoing some interesting change as to development and the need for third-party solutions."



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