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Mark Peters
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Free phone calls using Facebook

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Tuesday, December 11th 2007 - 17:08 CET - Comments: 0
T ruphone announced a unique softphone application built on Facebook Platform that enables Facebook users and their friends to call each other for free. Among the 'firsts' introduced by the Truphone 'Call Me' application is a moveable button that can be dropped anywhere on Facebook that accepts attachments, enabling users to: embed their 'Call Me' button within Facebook messages; post their 'Call Me' button onto their friends' walls and drop their 'Call Me' button onto Facebook group and discussion boards. The Truphone 'Call Me' application is available to all Facebook users. Users do not need a Truphone account or a special phone in order to use the application.
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Free Phone Calls 


Facebook Social community website

Facebook is a social utility that offers an efficient way for people to stay connected with their friends and the people around them. Facebook users communicate and share information through the social graph, the network of connections and relationships between people. With more than 54 million users, Facebook is the sixth most-trafficked website in the United States. Facebook recently launched Facebook Platform, a development platform that enables companies and engineers to integrate with Facebook and gain access to millions of users. More than 50 per cent of Facebook users return to the site each day, providing unparalleled distribution potential for applications and the opportunity to build a business that is highly relevant to people's lives.


Free call


Facebook Free phone call 

Facebook users adding the application choose the number on which they'd like to take inbound calls and get a Truphone 'Call Me' button on their profile. A different number may easily be selected at any time, from these options:


  • Truphone mobile number
  • US cellphone
  • US landline
  • Other landline (choice from 40 countries worldwide)
  • Google Talk identity
  • Grand Central number
  • Any SIP phone


Free Phone call


Truphone software application

Currently and until at least December 31st 2007, calls made using a Truphone 'Call Me' button to any of these numbers are free, in line with Truphone's present pricing.To make a call directly from their PC, any friend may simply click on the Call Me button and the Truphone application makes the call via a softphone embedded into Facebook. Truphone's 'click to call' approach differs from some other 'click to call back' ("bridging") applications which require both the caller and callee to add their numbers.



Call me for free

A user's 'Call Me' Button can be set to only be visible to that user's friends. Actual phone numbers are not revealed. Facebook users may use the 'Call Me' Button on their friends' profiles for free for a limited period before they must install the application themselves. There is no cost or commitment. The Truphone 'Call Me' application is a regular Facebook application, so users can get it in the usual ways: - by clicking 'Add' when they see a Truphone 'Call Me' Button on a friend's profile - searching for Truphone in the application directory on Facebook.

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