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Ralf Jurrien
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Tuesday, November 27th 2007 - 10:31 CET - Comments: 0
O jom GmbH, a leading creator and global publisher of mobile games, announced the release of its first game specifically designed for the iPhone; adapted to drag, drop and twist just like the device. The highly successful mobile puzzler, Maya, has been adapted for the iPhone, and its Deluxe version was released in conjunction with the iPhone's Euro Launch via Jamster and Jamba, where it is currently exclusively available. Maya can be played through the integrated browser and is absolutely free to iPhone users.
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Game iPhone 


Ojom mobile games

As people flock to the shops to pick up the much anticipated iPhone, the team at Ojom has modified Maya Deluxe to utilise the iPhone's innovative touch-screen technology. Released earlier in the year as Maya - Temple of Secrets, this puzzle game was one of Ojom's best selling games so far and is guaranteed to find a large group of new fans within the fast growing group of iPhone aficionados.


iPhone game - Temple of Mysteries

Just like the iPhone, Maya twists and flips as you make your way through the jungle via a series of mind challenging logic games. In the game you must solve a series of puzzles in your quest to find the Maya Temple hidden deep in the jungle. The story goes that, inside the temple, you will find a number of 'golden artefacts' that hold the key to an unsolved mystery. Collect the golden artefacts by solving the puzzles and unlock the secret of the Temple of Mysteries. You will be flipping and twisting the triangles with ease on the iPhone's touch screen and will be trying to master this game at every possible opportunity.


Ojom iPhone game

Thomas Brockhage, General Manager of Ojom GmbH, said: "This is a great opportunity for Ojom to show that we can adapt and innovate to suit new technologies. Maya was one of our most popular games and is perfect for the iPhone's touch sensitive screen. We are proud to release our first game specifically adapted for the iPhone."

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