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Ralf Jurrien
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iPhone video capabilities

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Tuesday, November 20th 2007 - 15:15 CET - Comments: 0
I n the wake of the weekend’s rush to get their hands on the iPhone, the must have gadget of the moment, consumers are now asking just what can they do differently to show off the capabilities of their new prized possession. Anticipating this demand, ON Networks, a new media company which develops original short-form, weekly shows for a variety of lifestyle interests, is offering dozens of new programs on iTunes for free download.
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iPhone video touchscreen

To really show off the iPhone's video capabilities, ON Networks (ON) has remastered its content to run at the optimal resolution for the iPhone's video touchscreen. With a 16:9 aspect ratio when held horizontally, and a higher resolution than the video iPod, iPhone video content sparkles. In making these adjustments, ON intends to replicate its success with US iPhone users, attracting early technology adopters across Europe who are hungry for fresh episodic programming that matches the iLifestyle.


Apple iTunes

"With the iPhone consumers are clearly living in an on-demand, opt-in content world that gives them infinite choice of what to watch," said Kip McClanahan, ON Networks' CEO. "By making our shows available via iTunes, the Internet and other new services, we are delivering compelling content to consumers in whatever manner best suits their lifestyles."


iTunes Plus 


ON Networks - Portfolio

ON is one of the few companies with original, high-definition TV shows that can be downloaded via iTunes and watched on an iPhone, iPod and/or via Apple TV. To download them, users simply go to the iTunes Store, select "Podcasts" and find ON Networks in the Featured Provider list. A quick click on the company's name will bring users to a branded page that includes a portfolio of over 25 shows and more than 400 episodes, including:

  • Backpack Picnic - Redefining how weird sketch comedy can be.
  • Comedyinsider - How to be a stand-up comic from the famed Gotham Comedy Club in New York City.
  • Cocktails on the Fly - A quirky mixologist offers creative cocktail-making tips for drink enthusiasts and aperitif aficionados alike.
  • Zen Living - A virtual guide that provides tips on how to make everyday living more balanced, natural and healthy.
  • Golf Tips - High and low handicappers lower their scores with help from seasoned PGA professional Joe Beck.
  • Stump the Chef - One award-winning chef faces down three random ingredients and three tough judges in this punchy cooking-game show.
  • Proper Ollie - Pompous and witty master of manners takes viewers to virtual charm school, offering pointers on etiquette and all-things-refined.

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ON Networks - iPhone video capabilities

So whether it's a pinch of cooking, sports, music, comedy, gaming, comics, or a dating and lifestyle steer you are after then ON is the place to go, continuously adding new shows to its roster and new weekly episodes for its existing lineup. Shows can be watched anytime, anywhere by going to iTunes Podcasts or to ON Networks and clicking on the desired icon.

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