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Ilse Jurrien
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Audi cell phone

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Monday, October 22nd 2007 - 00:30 CEST - Comments: 0
A udi is one of the first automotive brand to introduce their own multimedia cell phone; the Audi A1 Metroproject Quattro Concept. The concept audio car phone, designed for the new hybrid A1 Audi car prototype, fits into a docking station which allows it to interface with the vehicle's multimedia system. The system is comparable to the MMI system currently used in upper-class Audi vehicles. The Audi phone functions as an access authorization system for the vehicle and can be used as a mobile phone, navigation unit, audio and video player all in one.
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Audi phone


Audi cell phone features

The new Audi A1 cell phone is a true high tech multimedia device and makes use of 3G UMTS connectivity. WiFi features are also included and a full color touch screen is not missing either. With four main softkeys and the touch sensitive screen all phone features can be operated. Latin and Japanse characters can be automatically recognized, even handwriting can be deciphered.


Audi mobile phone


Audi A1 Metroproject Quattro Concept phone

But the Audi A1 Metroproject Quattro Concept offers more. The Audi phone is able to receive and view photos of pictures taken with the vehicle's on-board camera. This is part of a new protection system. The Audi Quattro phone incorporates an in-built tracking system that makes sure you will always be able to follow your car, even if it's stolen. And with the on-board camera it becomes a piece of cake to send a photo of the intruder wirelessly right to the Audi cell phone!


Audi cell phone


Audi mobile phone - Vehicle security

Checking your security system status or locking and unlocking the vehicles doors are also options which can be controlled right from the Audi cell phone. It even lets you start the vehicle remotely. Like that wouldn't be enough, the new Audi concept phone allows drivers to control the heating system remotely. As soon as you enter the car it won't matter if it is a warm summer of cold winter; the temperature will be pleasant right away!


Audi cellular


Audi concept multimedia phone

Although the Audi mobile phone is still a concept version it looks like it will become a very high tech device, which includes all things you need in a cell phone, but offers vehicle security as well. This kind of techniques form a very effective solution, I bet we will hear more about this kind of devices in the (near) future on other car brands as well.

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