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Mark Peters
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iPhone mobile service from TalkPlus

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Thursday, October 18th 2007 - 14:34 CEST - Comments: 0
T alkPlus announced that users of the Apple iPhone mobile phone can now sign up for new services offered by TalkPlus, including multiple and global virtual numbers, advanced phone call management features and low-cost international phone conversations, all designed to provide increased flexibility, privacy and control over your mobile experience. Talk Plus virtual phone number service enables subscribers to create additional phone numbers on their mobile phone for placing and receiving incoming phone calls. TalkPlus Subscribers can easily manage all personal and business phone calls from a single device - eliminating the need to carry multiple phones to use different numbers for different parts of their daily lives.
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iphone mobile 


Apple iPhone Mobile Service
TalkPlus phone numbers can be selected from major US metropolitan areas and international cities in 28 countries. Each phone number comes with its own voice mailbox and customizable greeting. Apple iPhone users can take full advantage of TalkPlus calling functions and also use the iPhone's Safari browser to access their TalkPlus accounts. With TalkPlus, customers can also make calls that display the caller ID of any pre-authorized phone number, such as a subscriber's office phone, providing true mobility to the receiving party. In essence, the TalkPlus system can transform the typical limited-feature mobile phone into a full-featured call-management system.


TalkPlus features

• Low-cost international long distance service

• Visual Voicemail

• Voicemail Screening

• Call Screening

• Call Transfer

• Conference Calling




US-based phone numbers
The TalkPlus offer provides one TalkPlus US-based phone number, one TalkPlus mirror number, low-cost international calling and 200 minutes of domestic calls. The mirror number lets subscribers take a number they already own, such as a home or business number, and use it to make calls from a mobile phone. From now through Dec. 31, 2007, the service will be free for the first month and $9.99 per month thereafter (excluding international toll charges).


Jeff Black founder TalkPlus


Jeff Black TalkPlus founder
"By enabling TalkPlus features on the iPhone, we've given it a whole new dimension," said TalkPlus founder Jeff Black. "It's especially attractive for mobile professionals and individuals who want to manage a variety of business and personal calls all from one device," Jeff Black added. "Doctors, lawyers, sales professionals and international travelers are just a few of the people who have been using TalkPlus to better manage their phone conversations," continued Jeff. "Now we're excited to make our mobile services available to those who want to bring their Apple iPhone to the next level of functionality."
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