Nokia N810

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Mark Peters
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Nokia N810 pocket sized internet tablet

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Thursday, October 18th 2007 - 11:45 CEST - Comments: 1
N okia intros the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, opening new doors and opportunities in wireless portable internet communication. The pocket-sized Nokia N810 Internet Tablet can be connected to an Wi-Fi hotspot or over your Bluetooth mobile phone. The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet let you to make internet calls; check your e-mail or facebook account; watch the latest funny videos on YouTube or update your blog website using the device's slide-out keyboard along with its big LCD touch screen. Its built-in GPS and satellite navigation maps helps you to find your way to your destiny. The Nokia internet tablet is expected to start shipping around November 15th with an estimated retail price of 337 Euro / 479 US$ / 234 GBP excluding local taxes.
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Nokia N810


Nokia N810 internet tablet with web camera

Whether you are at home, in the park or in a coffee shop, with the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet you will never be far away. With the ability to check your e-mails, read the latest story's online or messenger with your friends, share your moods on your favourite social sites; call around the world via Skype, or get closer by the Gizmo webcam video chat - with the integrated VGA web camera - you'll never be far away from those you want to be in contact with.




Nokia Linux based Internet Tablet

The Nokia N810 pocket PC is powered by maemo Linux based OS2008, updatable also on the Nokia N800, the previous internet tablet generation hardware. The Nokia N810 features a customizable user interface and contains various novelties such as a Mozilla based browser with Ajax and Adobe flash 9. Furthermore the N810 supports a Bluetooth headset as well as enhanced audio and video features. The refreshed Video Gizmo, Skype and Rhapsody highlight some most popular downloads available while Boingo Wireless, Earthlink and The Cloud enable Wi-Fi connectivity, across thousands of different locations globally.




Nokia N810 GPS Navigation

You may feel lost without it, but with the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, you'll never lose your way. The Nokia N810 has an integrated GPS receiver which allows you to pinpoint your position and find a wide variety of points-of-interests using the pre-loaded maps. Upgrade to Wayfinder's voice guided navigation for turn-by-turn directions and explore the world on foot or with your car.


N810 Nokia


Wi-Fi Connection

Whether you're traveling on the trip of a lifetime or on your daily commute to work, the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is the ultimate traveling companion. No Wi-Fi connection on your journey? No need, the Nokia N810 offers up to 45 hours of music playback and memory to store up to 7.500 songs on an optional 10GB flash memory card. Its large (4.13"), sharp (800x480 pixels) wide screen makes for a magical experience right in the palm of your hand.




Nokia Forum

Nokia also announced the launch of maemo platform support services for software developers and companies around the world via the Nokia forum. Currently, the Nokia Forum has more than 3.4 million registered users, developing leading mobile applications on Symbian Series 40 and Series 60 platforms.


Ari Virtanen


Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

"The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet packs the power of a traditional computer into a pocket sized format. Its open standard technology accelerates the convergence of multiple services and functionalities into a single device", said Ari Virtanen, Vice President, Convergence Products, Multimedia, Nokia. "Our new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet offers users a true Web 2.0 experience in a compact and stylish, yet affordable package - it connects friends and relatives to what matters to them."

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