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Mark Peters
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Free mobile software at Joiku website

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Mark Peters
Monday, October 15th 2007 - 14:15 CEST - Comments: 0
J oikusoft announces the Joiku website, a new type of web user community around free mobile primeware. The maximum effect to Joiku comes from the metal band Amorphis rocking the community with a harsh sound of North. Joiku welcomes web users, content suppliers and advertisers worldwide to take part of this journey into the world of free mobile primeware. Joikusoft further announces that Joiku already has the leading mobile primeware brands inside the Joiku website; including Wayfinder, Opera, Google, Fon, Fring, Spodtronic, Symella, Symtorrent and more... Joikusoft welcomes new titles and brands onboard.
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Joiku web community

Joiku web community is built on Joikusoft's proprietary Shade 1.0 community creation and management technology, which will be made commercially available for content publishers during 2007. Joikusoft will demonstrate Shade technology's capabilities and features through the Joiku website.


• FREE - Everything is free

• PRIME - Brands the users know and can trust

• EASY - Software flies into the mobile phone  


Best mobile primeware for your cell phone
Lasse Maki, the founder and CEO of Joikusoft states: ""Joiku" is an ancient way used by the Shamans to deliver information about people, places and feelings. Joiku continues this saga by offering best mobile primeware in the planet for free in such an easy way that even your granny can do it." The software literally flies into your mobile phone in one-click, he continues. According to Maki, Joiku has been extremely well welcomed by the user communities and branded mobile freeware content suppliers.


Amorphis metal band
Mr. Tomi Joutsen, the vocalist of metal band Amorphis states: "The Finnish mythology has been the main inspiration of our music. We are glad to hear that Joiku spreads this saga to people around the world."


Mobile Software 


Mobile Software - Wayfinder Earth

"Our partnership with Joiku enables us to distribute our award winning and cutting-edge map, GPS and navigation products Wayfinder Earth and Wayfinder Navigator 7 to mobile phone and smartphone users free-of-charge" says Mr. Kristian Nylund, Business Director, Direct Consumer Sales at Wayfinder Systems.


Joiku as a perfect way to distribute Opera mini to wider audience
Mr. Michael Owen, Director of Marketing, Opera states: "We see Joiku as a perfect way to distribute Opera mini to wider audience, globally. Downloading new software to the mobile phone should be easy and offers this."

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