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Ralf Jurrien
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Symbian Smartphone Show

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ralf Jurrien
Wednesday, October 10th 2007 - 15:30 CEST - Comments: 0
M onotype Imaging Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, is bringing mobile alive with scalable fonts at the Symbian Smartphone Show, Oct. 16 - 17, at the Excel Centre in London. Monotype Imaging will feature demonstrations at its stand (# 35) and a series of presentations in the Live Lounge on how developers, handset manufacturers, operators and designers can enrich the mobile experience with fonts.
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Symbian Smartphone Show 


Monotype Imaging Symbian Smartphone Show

"The theme of this year's show, ‘taking our world with us,' examines how, through mobile devices, global brands can enhance their position in the mindset of consumers and bring innovation to today's connected lifestyles," said John Seguin, executive vice president of Monotype Imaging, a Symbian Platform Partner. "The Symbian Smartphone Show is an ideal event for showcasing the huge potential of scalable font technology and how it can be used to bring the mobile platform alive. Fonts have a tremendous ability to add personality and visual impact to almost all mobile content, from applications and games to messaging and branded marketing campaigns."


Symbian OS software - iType font engine

Demonstrations at the Monotype Imaging booth will uncover how fonts can elicit desired effects, such as making messages more personal and memorable, evoking emotion, ensuring readability and reinforcing brand identity. Also highlighted will be Monotype Imaging's mobile solution, which encompasses ESQ Mobile (Enhanced Screen Quality) fonts engineered for optimal display on mobile phones; the company's WorldType Layout Engine for enabling the composition, positioning and rendering of multilingual text; and Monotype Imaging's iType font engine, a scalable font rendering subsystem based on industry-standard OpenType and TrueType font formats. The iType font engine has been incorporated into the Symbian OS software development kit beginning in version 9.5.


Monotype Imaging typography

As a new member of the UIQ Alliance program, Monotype Imaging will also highlight how fonts and font technology can enable UIQ developers to more easily enrich user experiences and deliver crisp readability on small screens in multiple languages. "UIQ believes in enriching the mobile experience and a vital part of this is to improve the quality of typography for user interfaces," said Carina Lindberg, head of partner management at UIQ Technology. "Our partnership with Monotype Imaging will leverage their typographic expertise and scalable font technology to enable global text support and high-quality rendering to ensure clearer, easier to use, more stylish UIs and more compelling content."

Symbian smartphones - Personalising text

Ed Platz, custom engineering manager at Monotype Imaging, will present in the Live Lounge on how scalable typefaces can be used to differentiate devices, build applications and user interfaces, create more expressive multimedia content and games, improve usability and further opportunities for personalising text on Symbian smartphones.


Symbian Smartphone Show

The Symbian Smartphone Show also serves as the forum to announce a white paper authored by Monotype Imaging for Symbian, entitled, "Bringing Typography to Mobile in Symbian OS." Written for handset manufacturers, mobile developers, enterprises, mobile marketing organisations and advertising designers, the paper explores how fonts can add quality and distinction to text wherever it is needed in the mobile environment. Readers will gain insights on choosing the right fonts for a particular project, the benefits of scalable fonts over bitmap versions, the basics of font licensing, why type is important for building and reinforcing brand identity and how text is deployed using Symbian OS.

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