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Ralf Jurrien
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Medal of Honor mobile phone game

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Wednesday, September 19th 2007 - 16:01 CEST - Comments: 0
E lectronic Arts Inc. announced the availability of Medal of Honor Airborne, a new World War II mobile game emphasizing airborne invasion in the European Theater. Available now for download to handsets worldwide, Medal of Honor Airborne features the most daring and action-packed World War II battles as contenders engage in fearsome missions to defeat the Nazis. Players enter the war zone as Boyd Travers, a rank-and-file soldier in the 82nd Airborne division who has the opportunity to become extraordinary. Up to eight levels of intense combat challenge players to destroy key objects and eliminate enemies in famous World War II battles such as D-Day and Market Garden.
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Medal of Honor 


Medal of Honor Airborne for mobile phones

"Medal of Honor Airborne on your mobile presents explosive action on the go and stays true to the core experience of the franchise," says Travis Boatman, vice president worldwide studios, EA Mobile. "Each level of the game is unique and provides new challenges for players to overcome."


Medal of Honor mobile


Medal of Honor Airborne mobile phone game

From strafing fire to secret enemy attacks, players are constantly facing the most formidable opponents. Soldiers begin their mission by parachuting into open plains or heavily populated cities and must use the display guide to navigate the terrain and complete their objective. When stuck in a tight spot, Boyd is equipped with a flare tool to call in paratroop reinforcements. He can also use grenades to ambush the opponent nearby. Players should be cautious of massive explosions, whether from Boyd or his enemies, which can injure the character or his allies. Medal of Honor Airborne also provides a cover feature to protect players from enemy fire or the effects of the blast.

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