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Ralf Jurrien
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Next generation flash memory cards

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Tuesday, September 18th 2007 - 18:45 CEST - Comments: 0
M icron Technology, Nokia, Samsung Electronics, Sony Ericsson, Spansion, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments announced that they support the creation of a far-ranging industry specification for removable memory cards and embedded memory solutions being standardized by the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (JEDEC), a open-standards organization in the semiconductor industry. JEDEC is well known for its expertise in the standardization of component technologies and solutions.
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JEDEC Solid State Technology Association

The new specification, dubbed Universal Flash Storage (UFS), reflects the industry's need for a universal memory solution that removes the need for adaptors to accommodate different removable memory card sizes. Widespread demand for higher densities and higher performance, plus the surging popularity of multimedia content, is accelerating the need for advanced memory solutions as removable card or embedded formats.


Universal Flash Storage

UFS will provide a revolutionary leap towards supporting very low access times required for memories, as well as enabling high-speed access to large multimedia files, while reducing power-consumption in consumer electronic (CE) devices. The target performance level is expected to be a significant advancement beyond that of the varied flash cards popular today. Today, users experience a three-minute access time for a 90-minute (4 Gigabyte) high-definition movie; with the new standard, this would be reduced to a few seconds.


Unified removable memory card

Major applications such as mobile handsets, digital still cameras and other consumer electronic devices will benefit from the convenience of a universal open standard based specification that is intended to reduce the time-consuming process of enabling interoperability among the various types of removable and embedded memory solutions at the system level. Universal Flash Storage is planned to provide consumers in the future with the convenience of a unified removable memory card that can be shared among various mobile, portable and other CE devices without the need for any adaptors. The Universal Flash Storage standard is expected to be finalized in 2009.


Micron Technology
"Universal standards hold a pivotal role in the development of more cost-efficient and better designed products. Standardization of flash-based technologies will be crucial in determining how fast storage devices will be able to fully support industry demand for higher densities and faster transmission speeds," said Frankie Roohparver, vice president of NAND development for Micron Technology.


Nokia Mobile

"Nokia will actively participate in the development of the UFS specification, which aims to provide future mobile devices with high performance and flexibility. This collaborative UFS effort will provide the industry with an open standard mass memory solution with optimal performance and interoperability," said Seppo Lamberg, Senior Vice President, Technology Platforms, Nokia.


Samsung Electronics

"The proposed UFS specification is good news to card manufacturers and set designers alike. The proliferating use of flash memory as a storage medium underscores the importance of introducing a universal connectivity to memory cards where high performance and reliability are critical," said Jon Kang, President, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. "Samsung's Mobile handset division is happy to stand with our peers in support of standard technology for removable memory devices that will result in much simpler interconnectivity," said W.S. Lee, vice president, handset R&D planning, Telecommunication Network Business, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.



"Spansion, as the worldwide leader in pure-play Flash memory solutions, endorses the development of the versatile UFS bus," said George Minassian, vice president of Strategic Planning and Systems Engineering, Wireless Solutions Division at Spansion. "It not only provides significantly higher bandwidth, but also supports low latency accesses and is positioned to provide an essential infrastructure in future mobile devices."



"STMicroelectronics' Flash Memory Group has been a strong believer in this approach since the beginning of the storage experience and we're pleased we can contribute to this important standardization activity. We think that this Universal Standard will cover the needs of the embedded and removable markets for many years," said Giuseppe Crisenza NAND Flash Group General Manager.

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