JBL GT5 loudspeakers

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Ralf Jurrien
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JBL GT5 car audio loudspeakers

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Tuesday, September 4th 2007 - 21:00 CEST - Comments: 0
L oudspeaker specialist JBL, Inc., presents the brand new GT5 loudspeaker series at the IFA 2007. The excitingly-styled GT5 loudspeakers are suitable for all price-conscious car audio fans who wish to upgrade their cars with genuine JBL sound, without costly installation. The new loudspeakers are of an easy-to-install design and are comparable even with significantly more expensive models in terms of sound. In addition to the sound quality, particular attention was given to an attractive design. But even in the inexpensive price segment, not only appearance counts for JBL.
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JBL GT5 loudspeakers
The new tweeters are provided with an elaborate titanium coating for crystal-clear, linear treble. Thanks to the angled and rotating UniPivot mounting, the treble reproduction of the coaxial systems remains superb, even for unfavorable installation positions. The component systems are equipped with outboard crossovers and are supplied with comprehensive installation accessories for the edge-driven 25mm tweeters.


JBL car audio - GT5 loudspeakers
Exceptional in this price category are the intricate ventilation grilles in the loudspeaker housing. They guarantee perfect ventilation and effective heat dissipation from the voice coil. The result is minimized harmonic distortion at high output power. Of course, all GT5 loudspeakers are also equipped with our patented PlusOne diaphragm. By means of complex mounting of the rubber seam, JBL maximizes the effective diaphragm area and thus achieves a higher output level in the bass range.




JBL car audio loudspeakers - Models

  • JBL GT5 402, 100mm 2-way coaxial system, 4 Ohms, 30/90W
  • JBL GT5 502, 130mm 2-way coaxial system, 4 Ohms, 35/105W
  • JBL GT5 652, 165mm 2-way coaxial system, 4 Ohms, 45/135W
  • JBL GT5 803, 200mm 3-way coaxial system, 4 Ohms, 70/210W
  • JBL GT5 963, 6"x9" 3-way coaxial system, 4 Ohms, 70/210W
  • JBL GT5 500c, 130mm 2-way component system, 4 Ohms, 40/120W
  • JBL GT5 650c, 165mm 2-way component system, 4 Ohms, 50/150W
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