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Mark Peters
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Social networking site for Apple iPhone

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Mark Peters
Friday, August 24th 2007 - 18:09 CEST - Comments: 0
P ushing the envelope of social networking capabilities again, Multiply announced that it has brought the web functionality of its social networking site to users of the celebrated Apple iPhone. By developing an extremely robust mobile version of its Multiply website. Apple iPhone users will welcome Multiply’s extended mobile social networking, multi-media sharing, and communications capabilities.
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Apple iPhone - Multiply online social network

Last fall, Multiply was the first online social network to enable its users to post photos, videos, blog entries, and links from any email-enabled device such as mobile phones and blackberries. With the release of its mobile version fully optimized around the iPhone, Multiply is once more demonstrating its leadership as its offering is the most feature-rich, mobile media-sharing solution available. Further, Multiply was careful not to compromise users' ability to replicate the unrivaled multi-media sharing and communications functionality that its web-based social networking site already delivers.


Apple iPhone multi-media sharing and communication tools

When users login they are taken directly to Multiply's unique message board. Each user's message board notifies them whenever someone in their social network has shared new photos, videos and other posts - and when new replies have been added to posts. Now, staying in touch just got easier and more convenient with users being able to extend the power of Multiply's social networking, multi-media sharing and communication tools with their Apple iPhone.


Multiply Social networking

"Multiply has always strived to create a compelling, personal experience for our users. We have worked to create applications and features that our family, friends and colleagues would want, because Multiply is about communicating and sharing with people we most care about, not profile-surfing or adding strangers as friends," noted Peter Pezaris, Multiply's CEO. "Our new Apple iPhone version allows our users to stay in touch remotely with their friends and family, yet does so without compromising on the powerful functionality that Multiply's web-based site already delivers."


Multiply personal identifiers

With Multiply, users control who they are networked with via personal identifiers like "cousin," "roommate," or "neighbor." These relationships, when used to describe individuals two or three "degrees" away, help provide a more realistic representation of a real-world network than any other social networking service. Multiply's approach to privacy also gives users granular control over who can access and see every conversation, photo, video, blog or calendar event that they post, and whose content one does or does not want to see.

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