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Mark Peters
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Wireless remote control docking station

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Mark Peters
Thursday, August 23rd 2007 - 21:23 CEST - Comments: 0
B exy announced the launch of the company. Simultaneously, Bexy announced its fully featured and versatile iMirror Wireless Remote Control Docking Station for iPod that remotely displays content data while it controls, and plays Music and Video connected to entertainment systems. Bexy’s products are designed to enable mainstream consumers to simply, securely and reliably connect entertainment devices in multiple rooms without a PC or manual software configuration. This approach, and Bexy’s proprietary technology, resolves retailer margin pain and obstacles to consumer adoption by dramatically reducing the need for customer support and returns associated with connecting, configuring and operating networked products.
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Apple iPod docking station

Bexy's first product, the iMirror, embodies this user-friendly out-of-box user experience philosophy to enable the iPod to be the center for a Music and Video home entertainment system. John Gitelman, Chief Marketing Officer said, "We believe that everyone, not just technophiles and those with the ways and means for custom installation, can enjoy the abundance of today's digital entertainment accessible from any room in their home. We take extraordinary steps to de-complicate and de-confuse our products to deliver an affordable out-of-box experience in five minutes or less. "


Bexy remote control docking station

"For mainstream consumers, the first few critical steps of installing, configuring, and operating new electronics products can make or break customer satisfaction, future sales, and profit margins," said Kurt Scherf, Vice President and Principal Analyst with Parks Associates. "Anything that can be done in those initial steps to reduce overall complexity will be significant in improving the enjoyment of multi-room entertainment products." An innovative family of connected multi-room digital music, video, photo and Internet products is currently in development.


LCD display user interface

With the iMirror's wireless remote control and LCD display user interface, users can remotely navigate, control and play all their iPod Music and Video via the docking station connected to their big screen TVs, AV receivers, powered speakers, and stereo systems. The iMirror automatically loads all iPod title information into the wireless remote upon initial docking in a few seconds making all content navigable and controllable remotely throughout a home.




Apple iPod music and video functions

Wireless 2-Way communication between the remote and the iPod dock, along with easy button navigation of virtually all iPod music and video functions, provides the user with real-time system status and complete control anywhere in the home. The wireless remote control operates from up to 150 feet away and includes a lithium battery that recharges when placed on the dock.


Bexy iMirror BR100 docking station

"The iMirror is the ideal full-functioned, simple to connect and operate iPod Music and Video companion for central home entertainment systems," added Gitelman. "Now consumers can use their iPod as an integral part of their home entertainment experience without having to get up from the couch or go to another room to view or control the system. The simplicity and power of the iPod can be un-leashed and extended to a consumer's home life."


Cable connections

The docking station charges and accommodates most iPod models including the iPod Nano 1G and 2G, iPod 4G and 5G, and iPod Mini. It features the most comprehensive set of cable connections available for playing an iPod through big screen TVs and stereos including S-Video for the highest quality video output, RCA stereo audio and video, and a line audio mini-stereo cable or earphone output. A mini USB port is included to sync with iTunes on a PC. The iMirror model number BR100 is available immediately for purchase via Bexy's Website for $149.95 and will be sold via popular stores and on-line retailers across the US and Asia in September, including Micro Center, RCS Experience and many others.

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