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Ralf Jurrien
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content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ralf Jurrien
Friday, August 17th 2007 - 17:43 CEST - Comments: 0
T ELUS and ZTE announced the exclusive availability of the ZTE D90, featuring Digit Wireless’ Fastap- keypad. The ZTE D90 is the first mobile handset in the world to feature both Zi Corporation’s eZiType- software for increased data input speed and accuracy, and the Digit Wireless Fastap keyboard, which dramatically simplifies the text input experience. With today’s announcement, ZTE became the first wireless phone manufacturer from mainland China to directly offer a device for sale in Canada.
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ZTE D90 - Digit Wireless Fastap keyboard

"Canadians are now sending more than 21 million person-to-person text messages each day. The ZTE D90 from TELUS merges the hottest mobile messaging and entertainment services with the award winning design of the Fastap keypad, and Zi Corporation's eZiType engine to deliver a highly functional and stylish device that is easy to use and helps our clients save time," said Stephen Ospalak, TELUS vice-president of Subscriber Devices. Earlier this year, the ZTE D90 was recognized for its innovative design, winning the German design association's (Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen) prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award.


ZTE D90 - 3G mobile phone

"TELUS is not only the first, but one of the most strategic partners for ZTE's entry into the North American handset market," said He Shiyou, senior vice-president and general manager of ZTE's Mobile Phone Division. "ZTE is pleased with the continued growth of our strategic relationship with TELUS and the successful positioning of ZTE's 3G handsets within such a high-end competitive market."


ZTE D90 - Fastap keypad

The ZTE D90 incorporates a unique Fastap keypad that combines innovative use of backlighting with semi-transparent key graphics. At first glance, the Fastap keypad looks like a standard 12 button phone creating a sleek appearance. When in use, the Fastap keypad lights up, instantly revealing the letter keys for a true one-touch text entry experience simplifying the use of all messaging and TELUS SPARK services. Additionally the ZTE D90 features ‘hot keys', enabling one-click access to many services, applications or contacts right from the idle screen. The user is able to easily personalize ‘hot keys' to many applications and contacts. For example, pressing and holding M to access Messaging or pressing the first letter of a contact's name is much easier to remember than an obscure speed dial number.


ZTE D90 - 1.3 megapixel digital camera

The ZTE D90 is also a multimedia powerhouse which gives clients full access to our most popular SPARK services. These include TELUS Mobile Music full track download service, TELUS Mobile Radio (powered by XM Radio), Windows Live Messenger, TELUS My Email for accessing select POP3 e-mail solutions including Hotmail and Yahoo and location-based services such as TELUS Navigator and TELUS Kid Find to help users find destinations and family. The ZTE D90 operates on TELUS' wireless high speed (EVDO) network and features a built-in 1.3 megapixel digital camera with zoom and nightmode, Bluetooth support for compatible accessories such as a stereo headset, expandable MicroSD port, and a stylish black flip phone design with soft-touch exterior.


ZTE D90 - Fastap technology

In 2004, TELUS became the first wireless provider in the world to offer Fastap technology. Within months of the launch, TELUS found that clients with the Fastap phone typically sent more than twice as many text messages as users of other handsets. Clients on newer model Fastap devices now send almost four times as many text messages as users of other handsets. Developed by Digit Wireless, the Fastap keypad is the first that integrates letter and punctuation keys around the standard numeric keypad on a mobile phone. The intuitive interface allows clients to compose messages significantly faster than with a standard keypad, eliminating the "triple tapping" often required to input a single letter.


ZTE D90 mobile phone  - Price & Availability

The ZTE D90 is the first mobile phone in North America to support the Zi eZiType engine. This text input product features word completion, next word and phrase prediction, and auto-correction of common misspellings and keyboard errors, all in English and French. The phrase prediction engine progressively learns commonly used phrases and presents them for auto-completion by the user, making an already fast messaging experience even faster. By offering accurate and efficient message composition, eZiType becomes the productivity multiplier that professional users need to get more from their business devices. eZiType promotes more service use, such as IM, SMS,MMS, e-mail, and Web browsing through more compelling text input. The ZTE D90 is now available at TELUS retail locations nationally for as low as $79.99 on a three-year contract, or $229.99 without a contract.

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