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Ralf Jurrien
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FlightAssist mobile flight information

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ralf Jurrien
Friday, August 17th 2007 - 15:00 CEST - Comments: 0
C ellTrust Corporation announced the immediate availability of FlightAssist version 1.0, a travel-oriented mobile alerting service that is offered free to the general public. FlightAssist gives travelers an easy way to track flight delays or cancellations via their mobile phones as well as receive up-to-the-minute information about gate changes. Additionally, FlightAssist gives airlines, travel agencies, and other travel-oriented businesses the ability to provide their customers with real-time, travel-related information, such as flight arrival and departure times.
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FlightAssist version 1.0

This ready-to-use service also gives travel businesses which haven't yet implemented mobile phone flight tracking, the ability to extend their brand and value to the mobile device-keeping them competitive with travel sites that have already begun setting this mobile service expectation with road warriors. Travelers using a mobile phone with SMS-enabled (short message service) account can use FlightAssist service, which currently supports data from 16,084 airports and 1,398 airlines. For a limited period, travelers can utilize FlightAssist for free by entering a promotional code, 123123. Easy-to-access and use, FlightAssist also includes the ability to send flight information simultaneously to a "Circle of Friends" through multi-contact notification.


Free mobile flight information

As noted by Christopherson Travel Owner and President Mike Cameron, "Traveling in and of itself can be daunting and exhausting, and even more so when you are sidelined by itinerary challenges such as flight, gate, or terminal changes. However, these flight logistic challenges are quickly diminishing through the use of mobile alerting services. Using their mobile phone, travelers are now beginning to receive timely, automatic flight tracking notifications that bring them, their colleagues and families peace of mind from the beginning to the end of their trip."


FlightAssist service

The challenges noted by Cameron were illustrated recently when USA Today reported on June 5, 2007 that air delays are at their worst level in 13 years, with 28 percent of flights being late in the first four months of 2007 and almost 3 percent of flights cancelled domestically. FlightAssist gives travelers the ability to quickly respond to delays attributed to weather, late arriving aircrafts, maintenance and crew problems, and coordination of flights at airports, among other issues. "Making mobility easily accessible, secure and applicable to many industries is critical for market adoption," said CellTrust CEO Sean Moshir. "Having recently launched its mobile academic emergency notification offering CampusReact, CellTrust is rapidly demonstrating to marketers and enterprises alike how to increase brand awareness, return on investment, and advance key performance indicator metrics via the mobile device."


CellTrust FlightAssist 1.0 - Availability

FlightAssist can be purchased from CellTrust as a customized offering or as a value-added service for travel agencies. FlightAssist can be easily incorporated into an existing travel portal with the addition of a hyperlink from CellTrust. Businesses wanting the value-add option can purchase volume message credits from CellTrust, which are used upon scheduling a flight itinerary with their customer. This option provides the business with the ability to offer FlightAssist as either a value-add or for-fee service.

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