UNO Classic 2007

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Ralf Jurrien
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UNO Classic 2007 mobile game

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Wednesday, August 15th 2007 - 10:30 CEST - Comments: 0
O asys Mobile, Inc., a leading provider of premium mobile media content, products and services, announces the launch of UNO Classic 2007 on AT&T. This game will be widely available across most major domestic carriers by the end of September 2007. UNO Classic 2007 is an extension of the previously released line of UNO mobile games. UNO is the No. 1 card game in America. Having sold millions of copies throughout the world, UNO continues to attract new consumers across all cultures, genders and generations.
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UNO Classic 2007 - Features

UNO Classic 2007 offers exciting new features that include custom avatar creators, house rules and a chat system. For a true multiplayer experience, players take on opponents online or continue the fun offline with a pass and play option against computer-controlled competitors. UNO Classic 2007 features include:

  • Thrilling game play, inter-active and easily engaging
  • True multiplayer functionality
  • A cross-product avatar creator available on the web allows players to customize their in-game character
  • A scoring system that highlights player successes
  • A scoring structure that allows people to immediately jump into online multiplayer games without having to wait for a break in play
  • Single-hand play on mobile phone
  • Color-rich graphics, lively sounds and positive reinforcement
  • Customizable game play rules so players can set up their own "house rules"

Card Games category - UNO Classic 2007

"The UNO branded games are some of our best sellers and continue to perform within the top games of the Card Games category. We are excited to release UNO Classic 2007 and we believe it will continue to build on the success of our previous releases," said Oasys CEO, Doug Dyer. "Our plan is to strengthen the UNO mobile game legacy by producing a new UNO game each year. With each new release we will optimize the player's experience with the addition of such features as custom avatar creators, house rules, and enhanced community features."
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