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Mark Peters
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Tablet PC from Fujitsu

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Tuesday, August 14th 2007 - 16:51 CEST - Comments: 0
F ujitsu PC Asia Pacific proudly reveals the latest addition to its convertible tablet PC series - the remarkably powerful LifeBook T2010 that is designed for productivity and mobility. This outstanding performer weighs a mere 1.53 kg, and offers an impressive battery life of up to 11 hoursĀ³ with a 9-cell battery. Its portability and reliability takes a substantial load off students and makes it a breeze for travellers to carry through their erratic expedition. Possessing a 3-axis Shock Sensor, this sleek and handy companion also assures that you will not be easily affected by data loss from carelessness or unforeseen accidents.
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Fujitsu dynamic LifeBook

The dynamic LifeBook T2010 comes with outstanding security features that prevent unauthorised access to information in the device. Built-in safety measures like the BIOS Lock, Hard Disk Lock, LifeBook Lock, Smartcard Support and Anti-Theft Lock slot ward off intrusion of any kind. The Fingerprint Recognition Technology makes access to data so effortless that you simply have to swipe your pre-registered fingerprint for access to your encrypted information instantaneously. These features are extremely beneficial to mobile and healthcare executives who depend heavily on the use of confidential data for their work.

Convertible tablet PC

In addition, you can enjoy exceptional viewing clarity on the go with the 12.1-inch Wide XGA display that features an 80/80/80/80 wide viewing angle and 300nits brightness, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor viewing. With a bi-directional hinge, convenient tablet PC transformation from its notebook form enables mobile professionals to consistently achieve swift manageability when on the move. With the LifeBook T2010, you won't have to worry about finding a balance between style and practicality!


Fujitsu portable tablet PC
"Fujitsu has gained industry and consumer affirmation, and will always be committed in being the performance leader within the convertible ultra-portable tablet PC innovation. Ultimately, anyone can go the distance and enjoy the freedom of movement with the new LifeBook T2010!" says Mr Ng Yoon Seng, Vice President, Marketing.

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