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Ilse Jurrien
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Free conference call via cell phone

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Monday, August 6th 2007 - 16:01 CEST - Comments: 0
S tarting today, every cell phone user in the US can get a group together on a single phone call, instantly, at any time, for free. foonzMobile is the first group calling service that is available to everyone with a cell phone and costs nothing other than the minutes used for a regular call. Now anyone who wants to get friends together, talk about plans or make a decision can start a group call, instantly, without any advance planning, by sending a short text message to FOONZ (36669). The new service works with all cell phones on any carrier network.
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foonzMobile - Free conference call
"Conference calling isn't just for business anymore," said Michael Bayer, CEO and co-founder of RPM Communications, Inc., the parent company of foonz. "People who want to share news, get a group of friends together, or let team mates know that practice is cancelled can forget about phone trees or calling people one-by-one. foonzMobile makes group voice communication as immediate and easy as text and IM, and it's available to every one of the 230 million people with cell phones in the U.S. And of course, it's available to businesses too."

How foonzMobile conference call works
With foonzMobile, anyone can start a group call at a moment's notice. To start a foonzMobile call, consumers just text the word "START" to 36669 (foonz) from any cell phone. foonzMobile will reply with simple text instructions for how to start the call. When the user initiates the call, foonzMobile sends instant invitations to participants via text message to their cell phones. Participants simply dial the number in the invitation to join the call and foonz connects everyone together, automatically. If some contacts aren't available, the call initiator can leave a message just for them on the same call, completing the communication loop with everyone in the group. Those contacts receive a text letting them know they have a message waiting and instructions for retrieving it.


foonzMobile - Group calls
Calls started with foonzMobile use only the normal minutes of a single cell phone call, and no other charges apply. For users who register on the foonz web site, foonzMobile offers even more features. For example, they can import their contacts and then start instant group calls with anyone on their contact list by texting START and the names of the people they want to talk with (ex: START Mary, Joe) or start a call with a previously defined group (ex: START family).


Free conference calls via your cell phone
According to Andrew Barnett, music industry marketing professional, "foonzMobile is really powerful. I sent the numbers I wanted to conference to 36669 and had a crisp, clear, free conference call up and running in no time. The beauty of foonzMobile is I can now host a conference call from the road, free of charge, with all call-in info being sent for me through the easy-to-follow text messages."

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