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Ilse Jurrien
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Sanyo Easy Street navigation

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Wednesday, August 1st 2007 - 11:16 CEST - Comments: 0
T he feature-packed Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4070 offers a bright and large 4-inch, 16:9 widescreen LCD touch screen display for intuitive, easy to use navigation. The compact system employs advanced text-to-speech, turn-by-turn navigation which provides audible directions, announcing street names upon approach. Pre-installed maps contain complete US data (including Alaska and Hawaii), plus Canada and Puerto Rico. Over 1.8 million points of interest are included, which provide convenient information for locating airports, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues along your route. The Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4070 (black) is now available in the US at an suggested retail price of $499.99.
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Sanyo Easy Street navigation - TMC

The Sanyo NVM-4070 is equipped to receive data from the Traffic Message Channel (TMC), which reports real-time information on accidents, road construction and other incidents that can affect traffic flow. With TMC activated, the Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4070 graphically displays traffic incidents as icons on the navigation map. Owners can "test drive" TMC free for 90 days, then optionally purchase a subscription for continued access to the TMC service.


Sanyo navigation - Bluetooth mobile phone

It's easy to enjoy wireless connectivity and hands-free calling when the Sanyo NVM-4070 is used with a Bluetooth-equipped mobile phone. One touch dials any of up to 400 phone numbers stored in the Easy Street NVM-4070's database. Hands-free conversations use the unit's built-in phone speaker, which eliminates fumbling with a mobile phone or a traditional earpiece.


Sanyo NVM-4070 navigation - Bluetooth cell phone

Whether placing outgoing calls or receiving them, the Sanyo NVM-4070 can access your Bluetooth equipped cell phone even if the phone is buried in the bottom of a purse, stuck in the driver's pocket or located virtually anywhere within the car. You can even wirelessly transfer data between your Bluetooth enabled device and the Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4070. Send text messages (SMS), plus transfer photos, contact and phonebook data.


Sanyo Easy Street navigation - MP3, Video player and FM transmitter

Users can enjoy MP3 and WMA music playback even while the unit is being used for navigation. When "off duty" as a navigation device, users can view JPEG images in the Photo Viewer and even watch MPEG-4 video clips with the Easy Street NVM-4070's built-in Video Player. A convenient memory card slot lets you store multimedia files on SD memory cards (memory card not included). A built-in FM transmitter allows you to play music stored on an SD memory card or within the unit's internal memory through an open FM channel on your car's stereo system.


Sanyo Easy Street navigation systems

"With over twelve years of experience, Sanyo is an established leader in Japan's portable navigation market, and the company is now rapidly advancing with products designed specifically for American consumers," said John Lamb, Senior Marketing Manager for Sanyo's Audio Video Division. "The Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4070 and NVM-4050 Easy Street systems provide highly-desirable feature sets and exceptional ease-of-use that will appeal to diehard road warriors and casual travelers alike." The exceptionally versatile Sanyo NVM-4070 is more than compact enough to be transported easily from vehicle to vehicle as needed. Just slide it into a coat pocket, purse or backpack and take it wherever you go.


Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4050 - Text-to-speech navigation

The new Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4050 is designed to deliver dependable performance and superior convenience. It features a bright and easily viewable 4-inch, 16:9 LCD touch screen display for intuitive, easy to use navigation. Text-to-speech navigation and voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions get you to your destination with ease, and over 1.8 million points of interest help take the anxiety out of unfamiliar roads and destinations. The device features pre-installed maps containing data for the U.S. (incl Alaska and Hawaii), Canada and Puerto Rico. Multimedia capabilities include MP3/WMA/WAV playback.


Sanyo Easy Street navigation - Price & Availability

The Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4070 (black) and NVM-4050 (dark charcoal gray) are now available in the US at an MSRP of $499.99 and $399.99 respectively. Both products include a Car Mounting Kit, USB Cable, DVD storing U.S. and Canada map, Instruction Manual CD, Quick Start Guide and DC Power Adapter. The Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4070 also includes an AC Power Adapter and a TMC FM antenna.

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