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Ralf Jurrien
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Mobile phone backup service MightyBackup

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Friday, June 22nd 2007 - 17:34 CEST - Comments: 0
F usionOne, a leading provider of mobile phone synchronization services, announced the next generation of its MightyBackup mobile phone backup service, MightyBackup 3.0 which provides backup protection for both user-generated and licensed content on consumers’ mobile phones. FusionOne is the first company to expand protection for user-generated content and add protection for licensed content, creating new business opportunities for both carriers and license content providers. When acquiring a new mobile phone because of loss, damage, or choice, a consumer can easily migrate all existing mobile phone content to the new device.
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MightyBackup 3.0 - Phone backup

Consumers are often misled by offerings that promise a full backup of licensed content but actually violate license agreements. Next-Generation MightyBackup 3.0 is the first fully legal way to move ringtones, applications, games and more. In many cases, content downloaded for one device will likely not function on a different model. The patent-pending MightyBackup 3.0 offers a comprehensive and formal way for restoring all mobile phone content that conforms to industry standards, digital rights management (DRM) and content license requirements. "Mobile phones are about more than making telephone calls, they are versatile devices at the heart of social interactions, business communications, entertainment, and personal expression," said Richard M. Onyon, founder and CEO of FusionOne. "Losing personal and licensed content is losing the soul of the phone. Our new MightyBackup 3.0 offering ensures quick restoration of all content that users want, enhancing customer retention and satisfaction."


Mobile phone backup service

When consumers upgrade or replace a mobile phone they lose all of the licensed content purchased for their phone, such as wallpaper, ringtones, music, applications, games, and video clips. Approximately 40 percent of downloaded applications are subscription-based services, resulting in the loss of recurring revenue for the content provider if consumers do not proactively repurchase the applications for their new device. Only 10% of users who purchase content on their handsets re-download that same content when they upgrade. In the case of a lost or damaged mobile phone, consumers also lose the content they have entered, such as contacts and photographs.


MightyBackup 3.0 service - Restore content

FusionOne's MightyBackup service has protected more than 200 million mobile phone contacts. The Next-Generation MightyBackup 3.0 service enables consumers to easily restore both user-generated and licensed content. The service creates a shadow list of the licensed content stored on a user's mobile device and when a user upgrades to a new mobile phone, MightyBackup 3.0 automatically presents a "menu" of previously licensed content, enabling the user to select items they want to reacquire.


FusionOne mobile phone backup service

Next-Generation MightyBackup 3.0, built on the robust and patented FusionOne Mobile Platform, now addresses both sides of the content equation. Mobile phone carriers offering the FusionOne backup service to wireless subscribers can guarantee restoration of content customers have manually carried over to their new devices. Adding protection for licensed content helps carriers recapture revenue lost when the user changes phones by providing a quick and easy way for users to reacquire or resubscribe to their previously licensed content. According to a recent survey, 24% of users have deliberately postponed upgrading to a new device because of concerns about transferring their content. The MightyBackup 3.0 service eliminates one of the biggest obstacles to upgrading to a new handset: user content migration.


Restore mobile content

Through an exclusive partnership with some of the industry's most popular content providers, the MightyBackup 3.0 service automatically determines the correct version for each device, and makes it available. Users see the costs associated with reacquiring or resubscribing to their licensed content and can choose to restore all content or pick and choose the applications and features they want applied to their new phone. FusionOne hosts the service in its carrier-class data center, eliminating high startup or operational costs for carriers.

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