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Ilse Jurrien
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Mobile broadband wireless Wi-Fi solution

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ilse Jurrien
Monday, June 11th 2007 - 11:34 CEST - Comments: 0
G O Networks, a subsidiary of NextWave Wireless Inc., announced that its Mobile Broadband Wireless Wi-Fi solution has been deployed by Monzoon, a Swiss alternate service provider, to provide Metrozone Wi-Fi hotzone service throughout Switzerland. Using GO Networks Wi-Fi base stations, powered by GO's advanced xRF adaptive beamforming smart-antenna technology, Monzoon is able to extend its current broadband service to include high-quality, outdoor Wi-Fi coverage. Monzoon enables access to a range of operators via enhanced roaming and service selection capabilities and enables its customers to connect directly to their own ISPs through the Monzoon open Wi-Fi network.
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Broadband wireless hotzone

GO Networks' products and technologies enable Monzoon to quickly and efficiently deploy new high-performance Wi-Fi hotzones and also provide a cost-effective way to evolve existing Wi-Fi hotspots into hotzones with expanded coverage. Using GO Networks' equipment, Monzoon is expanding its service portfolio with an outdoor broadband wireless hotzone, complementing existing hotspot services with services for residential and SME customers.

Broadband wireless experience

"We are extremely excited about the success we are having with our Wi-Fi deployments, and the pivotal role that GO Networks is playing," said Matthias Koch, CEO, Monzoon. "We have tested a number of different solutions and found GO Networks to deliver the highest performance, scalability, and economic value providing our customers with the highest quality broadband wireless experience. The innovative networks and business models we have built using GO Networks' technology have made all the difference," added Koch.


Wi-Fi based internet access

Currently Monzoon operates over 400 hotspots throughout Switzerland enabling Wi-Fi based Internet access, roaming and IP telephony. Monzoon's service selection capability and access to a range of operators makes it easier for customers to connect to their own services, improving the adoption rate and growth of Monzoon's customer base. Monzoon couples this capability with highly-flexible billing and service terms. Customers can choose 30-day, weekly, daily or even hourly broadband service. Using GO Networks' equipment Monzoon is expanding their service portfolio with an outdoor broadband wireless hotzone offering to complement existing hotspot services.


High quality broadband service

GO Networks offers a family of carrier-class outdoor Wi-Fi products capable of accommodating wireless networks of virtually any size and scale - from rural to suburban to metropolitan environments. GO Networks combines innovative xRF adaptive beamforming smart-antenna technology with scalable network architectures, based on micro, pico and femto Wi-Fi cells, to deliver superior network coverage, performance and economics. The company's xRF adaptive beamforming smart-antenna technology improves the ability of operators to overcome common interference in unlicensed spectrum bands. This enables operators such as Monzoon to transmit and receive cleaner Wi-Fi signals which results in higher quality broadband service for customers.


Broadband Wireless World

"Monzoon is leading the way, showcasing both technological and business success with Wi-Fi," said Oz Leave, CEO of GO Networks. "It has been a pleasure working with Monzoon, helping to turn their broadband wireless vision into reality. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them to help expand and grow their business." GO Networks will be providing a live demonstration of its advanced Wi-Fi network solution at Broadband Wireless World.

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