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Ilse Jurrien
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GSFT779 phone with Fastap keypad

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ilse Jurrien
Monday, April 16th 2007 - 18:10 CEST - Comments: 0
D igit Wireless, the innovators of Fastap, a patented enabling keypad design technology, announced UTStarcom has adopted its technology to develop and market simple-to-use mobile devices featuring Fastap. The newest mobile phone from UTStarcom Personal Communications, a division of UTStarcom, Inc. will be a super sleek & slim flip phone, the GSFT779 featuring Fastap. The phone will be made available to mobile operators and their consumers throughout South and Central America.
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UTStarcom GSFT779 - Fastap keypad technology

The UTStarcom GSFT779 featuring Fastap simplifies the mobile user experience with easy discovery, access and use of messaging (SMS & MMS) and mobile data services. With Fastap, mobile users will no longer have to multi-tap text into their mobile phone. The simple and intuitive Fastap alphanumeric keypad empowers users to enter text in nine different languages including Spanish, English and Portuguese. Mobile consumers can also instantly access applications with the Fastap keypad's one-touch capability (M=Messaging, C=Camera, P=Phonebook), allowing users to directly access key phone features and services. Whether sending a message, inputting a mobile web search query or accessing an application, consumers will find that the GSFT779 makes their mobile life simple.


UTStarcom GSFT779 mobile flip phone

The UTStarcom GSFT779 featuring Fastap is designed to strike the perfect balance of fashionable styling users expect with the enhanced functionality they need, all packaged in a mainstream mobile flip phone measuring only 15.4 MM (.6") thick, 96.5 MM (3.8") in height and 49.5 MM (1.9") wide with a weight of 76 grams (2.7 oz.).


UTStarcom GSFT779 mobile phone featuring Fastap

"The GSFT779 featuring Fastap is another example of UTStarcom's dedication to developing innovative mobile devices that are fashionable, affordably priced and simple-to-use," said Louis Antoniou, vice president of international sales at UTStarcom Personal Communications Division. "Our mobile operator customers and their consumers are demanding easier-to-use mobile phones providing easier access to and use of mobile data services and messaging. UTStarcom is delivering."


UTStarcom adopts Fastap technology

"We're very excited that UTStarcom has agreed to develop and adopt Fastap technology," said Mark Connon, chief executive officer of Digit Wireless. "Fastap is being turned to as a simple and intuitive way for consumers to discover, access and use messaging and mobile data services- resulting in higher data ARPU for mobile operators. We believe this partnership with UTStarcom will make it easier for consumers to realize their mobile phone's full potential."


UTStarcom GSFT779 - Availaiblity

The launch of the GSFT779 featuring Fastap augments a series of Fastap- enabled phone deployments in the Americas for Digit Wireless on both GSM and CDMA networks. Fastap is now available through mobile operators in the United States, Canada, and Mexico and soon throughout South & Central America. The GSFT779 featuring Fastap will be made available in the second half of 2007.


About Fastap keypad technology

Fastap is an enabling keypad design technology that can be launched in various implementations including Alphanumeric (Alphabetical, Semi-QWERTY & QWERTY) and Press-to-Experience. Fastap keypad technology is already market proven to increase messaging by 114 percent while driving data ARPU up by 97 percent. The keypad makes it easier for mobile consumers to use their phones, driving them to increase their usage and resulting in higher revenue for mobile operators. Fastap in its full alphanumeric layout can be formatted in more than 90 languages, creating a truly global phone platform for Device Manufacturers to launch devices in key markets. Fastap is available for license by device manufacturers worldwide.

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