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Ilse Jurrien
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Fidget Spinner most popular toy in 2017

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Saturday, April 29th 2017 - 13:30 CEST - Comments: 0
T he Fidget Spinner creates new toy craze - The Fidget Spinner is currently the most popular toy in America. The craze around the little hand spinner is not only visible in the school square, also parents are spinning massively. The Fidget Spinner is a small gadget with metal ball bearings, making it possible to rotate for several minutes. You hold the spinner toy between your thumb and middle finger, the trick is to make the Fidget Spinner spin as long as possible. In the meanwhile, kids learned themselves all kind of tricks with the Fidget Spinner, so children can enjoy themselves for hours.
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Fidget Spinner


Fidget Spinner most popular toy in 2017

The new Fidget Spinner is not only a fun toy, the gadget also offers added benefit when it comes to reducing stress, it is therefore a good alternative to the squeeze balls / stress balls.


Also, the Fidget Spinner gadget could help both children and adults to focus better. Although not all teachers will agree on this, as the toys can be quite distracting as well.


Most popular toy 2017


There are different types of Fidget Spinners for sale. One spinner runs more smoothly than the other, which also makes them spin longer. Each Fidget Spinner has a total of four base bearings, one in the center and three on the outside.


Fidget Spinner price & availability
The spinner toy is available from different materials (eg plastic, metal and aluminum) and in various colors. Its price is one of the reasons its such a popular toy, prices range from 2 euros / dollarĀ up to 25 euros / dollar. In addition, there are also some exclusive Fidget Spinners for sale.

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