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Mark Peters
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HP mobile gaming technology

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Mark Peters
Friday, April 6th 2007 - 16:06 CEST - Comments: 0
H P outlined its strategy to capitalize on the rapid growth in online, mobile and PC gaming and demonstrated some of the company’s advanced technologies applicable for the gaming industry. Gaming applications demand massive amounts of raw computing power and scalability to achieve high levels of interactivity. HP will focus on providing the technology that powers PC, online and mobile gaming, including infrastructure and workstations for gaming companies, content developers and service providers that participate in this demanding and rapidly growing market.
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Gaming market segment 
HP also will utilize its high-end gaming brand, VoodooPC, and its research and development resources to commercialize new PC, display and networking technologies that create an immersive, high-definition and interactive experience for gamers. "HP's broad technology portfolio enables us to contribute in nearly every segment of the gaming market," said Shane Robison, executive vice president and chief strategy and technology officer, HP. "As the world's leading technology provider to the communications, media and entertainment industries, HP is uniquely positioned to marry content, networks and IT infrastructure to take the immersive gaming experience to the next level."


Online gaming companies

HP is currently a leading technology provider for the gaming industry. The company provides technology infrastructure through its Communications, Media and Entertainment business within the Technology Solutions Group for online gaming companies such as Trion World Network. HP is also the No. 1 PC manufacturer for casual gaming and a leading workstation technology used by game developers. In September 2006, HP extended its reach into gaming with the acquisition of VoodooPC, an award-winning manufacturer of high-performance and personalized computer gaming systems. With the acquisition of VoodooPC, HP added the No. 1 premier lifestyle brand in gaming to its technology portfolio.


Innovative online gaming services

Gaming is a large and growing industry, driven by rising rates of broadband penetration and innovative online gaming services. The total gaming market worldwide is estimated at more than $36 billion, according to Informa Media Group. The Consumer Electronics Association estimates that active online gaming subscriptions now exceed 12 million, and PC gamers in the United States alone spent more than $20 billion on gaming software and hardware in 2005 - a figure that rivals movie industry revenues.


HP Labs advanced technologies

At a press conference here, HP demonstrated some advanced technologies from HP Labs, its central research arm, which could be applied to gaming. These include a curved, seamless display that fills a gamer's field of view for an incredibly immersive visual experience and a way to superimpose multimedia digital experiences on physical landscapes so people could, for example, play a game throughout a city using wireless handheld devices. The company also demonstrated a "super projector" capable of high resolution, brightness, deep contrast and a wide color gamut, ideal for projecting games for multiple players on a big screen.


Ultimate Gaming Machine

Many of HP's advanced gaming technologies have the potential to be adapted for general purpose computing uses. For example, while the VoodooPC OMEN desktop PC has earned the Ziff Davis Editors' Choice award in the Ultimate Gaming Machine competition for the last five years, only a small fraction of its customers use their systems for gaming. Most use the power of the devices for advanced computing uses such as video editing.


HP Labs display technologies

In addition, HP Labs' display technologies for games have applications that could prove useful for teleconferencing systems such as the HP Halo Collaboration Studio or provide the basis for inexpensive digital film projection for movie theaters. "Gamers are early adopters and high-performance enthusiasts who can test drive advanced technologies that could someday be broadly applied to other computing capabilities," said Rahul Sood, chief technology officer, Global Gaming Business Unit, HP. "HP is focused on putting its Labs technologies into the hands of our gaming customers and partners to push the limits of today's gaming experience and define new possibilities for the future."

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