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Mark Peters
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Samsung Galaxy smartphone features

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Monday, August 8th 2016 - 10:00 CEST - Comments: 0
I nnovative new features added in Galaxy smartphones - Samsung Electronics had launched industry first S-bike mode, a dedicated bike mode that lets consumers 'ride tension free' while encouraging responsible riding. This was based on the insight that two-wheeler riders receive a lot of unimportant calls and notifications while riding. The S-bike mode’s urgent call alert system notifies callers through an automated answering machine that the user is riding and is unavailable to take calls. However, callers have the option to press 1 in case the phone call is urgent. As a safety feature, the in-built motion lock ensures that the rider has to come to a halt before they can answer the call.
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Samsung Galaxy smartphone features


Turbo Speed Technology

Samsung Electronics has also engineered a new Galaxy smartphone with Turbo Speed Technology (TST). TST is a revolutionary innovation which results in superior device performance including native apps opening up to 40% faster than mobile devices with double the RAM. Samsung has rewritten native apps such as digital camera, gallery, and contacts, etc. that are most frequently used by consumers. It also proactively shuts down idle processes running in the background and declutters RAM using its intelligent memory system to ensure resources like RAM and processor are free and ready to take on new tasks, thereby extending fastest in-class experience.


Smart Glow LED


Smart Glow LED notification system

The innovative Smart Glow is a next-generation colour LED notification system that also enables the rear camera selfie camera mode. Users can use the Smart Glow LED ring to guide the rear camera for higher megapixel selfies with the Selfie Assist feature. Once the picture is positioned correctly and focused, the entire ring glows to alert consumers that the picture is ready and is captured automatically. Samsung Smart Glow also allows consumers to create and assign colours for up to four priority notifications of any app or contact. Additional utility benefits include alerts for a user if they are running low on battery, internal memory, or mobile data.


Samsung Ultra Data Saving mode


Samsung Ultra Data Saving mode

The 'Ultra Data Saving' (UDS) mode provides up to 50% mobile data savings by blocking unnecessary background applications from consuming data. Ultra Data Saving mode also has a proprietary data compression technology, which ensures the most cost-efficient 4G network experience.


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