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Ralf Jurrien
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Comet Tracker software for Sanyo 7050

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ralf Jurrien
Friday, April 6th 2007 - 16:03 CEST - Comments: 0
A ctsoft, Inc is pleased to announce the launch of the Comet Tracker software application on SCP-7050 by Sanyo. Actsoft, Inc worked closely with Sanyo for over six months to develop the phone’s functionality and rugged, durable style. Now, this is the first Sanyo phone that supports GPS - based Java applications and Bluetooth wireless technology on the CDMA network. Actsoft, Inc’s Comet Tracker software is fully functional on the SCP 7050 due to the advanced GPS and management capabilities of the phone. Comet Tracker supports GPS tracking, job dispatching, work orders and geofencing. The SCP-7050 offers autonomous GPS that allows Comet Tracker to provide the user with current location, speed, and direction of workers.
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Actsoft Comet Tracker software

This information is updated continuously even when the phone is out of network coverage. Comet Tracker software can also assign the closest driver to a new job. By using the GPS information, the user can optimize the route and deliver faster; providing more responsive customer service. Due to the Bluetooth capabilities of the SCP-7050, Comet Tracker can dispatch work orders directly to the handset. The user can capture data tracked such as services performed, quantities delivered, and parts used. Comet Tracker software can also be integrated with current work order systems, which enhances the application's flexibility. In addition, any data retrieved can be stored indefinitely for management reports, which analyze and improve company efficiency and performance.


Actsoft Comet Tracker software for Sanyo 7050

Launching Comet Tracker on the SCP-7050 is very significant for Actsoft because it leverages the ability to service any mobile workforce using this handset on the CDMA network. Tom Mitchell, CEO and founder of Actsoft, Inc states, "This is a significant release for us because this is the first CDMA phone that is fully functional with our flagship product: Comet Tracker. We also worked closely with Sanyo for several months to ensure that the phone encompassed all necessary features that the market needs. Furthermore, this helps Actsoft provide more CDMA customers with Comet Tracker, a solution that provides any company with all their mobile management needs."

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